JW.ORG Needs Lawyers

by Vanderhoven7 25 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Rattigan350

    "I don't think the first century Christian congregation needed lawyers and accountants."

    Yes, they did. They had Saul who became Paul. He was a lawyer.

  • NotFormer

    Paul made tents for a living

  • Vidiot
    NotFormer - Is there there such a thing as a legal firm that is too moral to take on certain cases?”

    Probably not.

    But I think an argument could be made that having less-than-ideal clients could get bad for business.

  • Phizzy

    " having less-than-ideal clients could get bad for business. " Especially if those lawyers lose in Court, not good for business, perhaps the JW org will become as untouchable as Trump. please, only piss-poor Lawyers to choose from.

  • dogisgod

    Many Lawyers are for sale. They don’t have to believe in “their clients beliefs”.You can bet with the “rebranding” of JW.Org. Many lawyers are hired and used. For Gods sake, Donald Trump STILL hires attorneys for his ridiculousness (although they may not ever be paid. They get publicity).

    I can’t imagine a JW raised in the”truth” going to college and law school remaining in the chains of indoctrination. They would have to study legal precedents, know the language of law, be released from “circular thinking” and aware of the origin of doctrinal beliefs of this legally defined “cult”. They would also have to accept the 2 witness rule in child rape and the value of a child’s testimony and the life long effects of physical and psychological sexual abuse. I believe there are lawyers who will do that if the money is good enough but Im sure they are regarded as narcissistic and sociopathic.

  • Balaamsass2

    A JW Attorney told me the hardest part of working for Watchtower was "His client lying to him". He said "Theocratic strategy" (lying) made him look like a fool in open court many times...and he hated it.

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