Astral Projection

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  • Diogenesister

    I have a crazy witness story about Astral projection.

    Where I'm from their where a lot of Indian sisters coming into 'the false'& hindu family members (we were told)would try to stop it "because Indian religon is satanic". Fot that read "we know nothing about it so we'll say its bad".

    Anyway one determined granny supposedly astral projected from India to Bedford, attacked the family left blood everywhere " so someone got it but not the witness". I suppose they were protected by mr edgar Jah-hoover.

    Borrowing a beautiful wedding sari I was told not to wear it lest the hindu's atrally project into my bedroom & attack me.

    The person who told me this was a university educated teacher.

  • Chris Hannover
    Chris Hannover

    When I was really into spirituality, I spent a lot of time with dozens of professional psychics, astral travelers, mediums, etc. I really wanted it all to be true & really got into the lifestyle.

    While most were sincere, they never really said or knew anything beyond guessing and imagination. Most just want to believe and really loved the attention they receive from claiming special abilities. When they were obviously wrong, they would either cover up the error with "it happened energetically," ignore the mistake, or blame someone else.

    It was no different than playing make-believe & then surrounding yourself with those playing the same game so you weren't challenged. I lost interest when I realized they might as well have been elders. It was the same mentality, the same psychology, the same politics, and often the same words.

    Out of the hundreds I was around, I never met a real astral traveler, medium, or psychic. They're just people trying to be special. Delusion, emotional problems, mental illness, and frauds are all that you can expect.

  • truthseeker100

    Astral projection. What a laugh!

    Can anyone imagine anything more ridiculous than the tales of Ezekiel?

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