Astral Projection

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  • Black Man
    Black Man
    So what are your thoughts on ASTRAL PROJECTION? Have a co-worker who claims to know how to induce this on himself. Is he crazy? Is it simply just a deeper form of meditation? Had any experiences with it?
  • Saintbertholdt

    meh tried it for a while... A friend and I even made an audio cd for an astral projection "therapist" which included her scripted schpiel to relax the person listening, then have them slowly travel to the astral plane and all to the tune of some new age shlocky music my friend and I concocted.

    Well I used it... and it didn't work but I gave it to this really hot babe and she thought it was great.

    I ended up having a quick fling because of it, so I would have to say: Yes, astral projection works to get some sexy tail.

  • stuffwotifink
    It's similar to lucid dreaming. If you look at the techniques used to induce AP and those used to induce a LD from the waking state (W.I.L.D), they are the same.

    Having had a few experiences that seemed and felt like I was leaving my body and floating round my house, I can understand why the people who believe in it, do so.
    It feels shockingly real, the first few times I became lucid in a dream the shock woke me up. It seems real.
    (and going from the waking state into the hypnagogic state is a trippy experience, full of imagery not unlike what you get with hallucinogens, though milder, ofc)

    It's just a state of self-induced hypnagogia, imo.
    False awakenings are the most similar phenomenon to AP - also the best example of how perfectly the mind can map out a false reality for you, which is hard to tell from the real thing.
  • LisaRose

    I agree stuff, its just a form of meditation/self hypnosis. It's just your body releasing endorphins, the feel good hormones, it's well known that meditation can do that. I have been using a guided meditation for healing, it creates a pleasant feeling, like you are floating a bit, the music and the person talking are designed to put you in a relaxed state, at one point they say to imagine your head is floating, and it does sort of feel like that. For it to work you have to be very relaxed about the experience, trust that it will work and it helps if you have experience with meditation.

    People try to "dress it up" with names like astral projection, which makes it sound like there us something mysterious going on, but meditation has proven benefits, so there is some science behind it, but for most ex JWs I would recommend starting with just plain meditation, then moving on to guided meditations, self hypnosis, etc, if that interests you.

  • punkofnice
    I think it's delusional poppycock.
  • under the radar
    under the radar

    There is a senior captain at my airline who claims he can project himself ahead of the airplane and thereby avoid bad weather without using the weather radar. Scared many a co-pilot when he refused to use the radar with thunderstorms all along the route.

    Don't know much more about it, except that I've never heard of him getting in trouble because of it and I believe he is still around. I've never flown with him myself.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Interesting topic....

    I've experienced feelings of being outside my body, within the dream state, as stuffwotifink said, it is a shockingly unmistakeable experience, it's almlost ridiculous how convincing it feels. The last time I experienced this was during a 10 day meditation session, in the afternoon when I was sleeping I had a vivid lucid dream and towards the end was outside of my body and then fell back in to me... WTF was that... meditation can induce these experienceS...

    here is the delusional poppycock part though, about a year ago, I experienced these sensations for about a month, while wide awake on my travels... like IMPOSSIBLE, and I wouldn't dare tell anybody this..... people think you're a crackpot... but when this sort of experience hits you you're like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS???? UTTER DISBELIEF..

  • Ucantnome
    When my father died a customer told me he regularly leaves his body and not to be afraid of death and went on to describe where he'd been when he left his body.
  • DarioKehl

    Yes. If he believes it's actually soul travel, he's either nuts or completely credulous.

    its nothing more than sleep paralysis.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I used to lucid dream when I was young. It was pretty cool.

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