Three Simple Reasons Why an Assault-Weapons Ban Is Bad Policy

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  • FedUpJW

    You are probably actually less likely to engage in useless road rage because you realize the consequences of escalation.

    Not sure immediately, I do seem to remember reading a study that proved your comment. I know as a responsible CWP firearm owner, who has the legally government issued permit so I can carry a firearm in my vehicle without it being visible to tempt thieves, I know that I refuse to engage road rage drivers for that added reason. I will not open myself to the results of yielding to emotion brought on by some liberal idiot who thinks they never have to take responsibility for their actions towards other people.

    At the same time I will not hesitate to defend my person, my family, or even one of the gun-ban nuts should their life depend on it.

  • TD

    No need. Here, the government follows every round of ammunition within its borders.

    Off topic, but did you know that creating your own ammunition is a niche hobby here in the U.S.? And that creating and hybridizing cartridges to come up with something entirely new is a niche within that niche? And that a number of commercially available cartridges, like the .22 Hornet, the 25-06 Remington and the .257 Roberts were originally created in hobbyists workshops?

  • _Morpheus

    6.5 creedmore and now 6.0 credmoore being very recent examples

  • scary21

    Bath Michigan, deadliest school massacre in the US EVER, 45 killed with a bomb.

    So stupid to put a sign on your door saying gun free zone.

    I want a sign that says armed and dangerous and if you come in here to hurt the children of this school be prepared to be shot down.

    So stupid to outlaw guns in the US. Then the only ones that will have guns are the bad guys. DUH

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    And this is a burning issue for JWs and Ex-JW's because....?

  • Crazyguy

    The simple fact is this, the USA is a very open country with huge boarders and tons of ocean front property. This means it’s not to hard to smuggle things in. Second if they outlawed guns tomorrow how are they going to get all the guns out of everyone’s hands. It would have to be voluntary as well as some sort of mandatory collection process.

    So in the end only the criminals would have the guns, so mass shootings by kids and crazies may go down but by criminals and gangs go way up. How does this solve the problem??

    Final thought, I live in a state where open carry is legal and concealed carry is also legal with a background check. Tons of people here packing and there hasn’t been any mass shootings for awhile. I’m willing to bet if someone started shooting people someone would shoot back.

  • TD

    And this is a burning issue for JWs and Ex-JW's because....?

    --Just one of many topics where JW's have been told exactly what to think.

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