Three Simple Reasons Why an Assault-Weapons Ban Is Bad Policy

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  • ctrwtf

    This is a forum for those who wish to escape a high control religion and you want to use it as a forum to forward a political agenda? Really?

  • _Morpheus

    Uhm.... simon has long allowed political discussion, dare i say argument, along with discussion of a variety of other issues that dont strickly pertain to the cult. You will find movie and book discussions, technology, family life, dating, cars, music dozens of other topics i cant pull off the top of head. Sooo.... yea. Politics gets discussed.

  • Apostate Anonymous
    Apostate Anonymous

    I rather enjoy these discussions. They do sometimes get off the rails, but I think they overwhelming productive. Multiple perspectives on any given topic is going to be beneficial.

  • Finkelstein

    The fact is is that assault rifles like the AR-14 can psychologically influence people to use these guns in massive attacks against the general population in public places.

    Ie. Sandy Hook School Massacre, Las Vegas Massacre, Florida's Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

    Don't listen to FreemindFade because he doesn't have mind or a heart

  • FedUpJW

    AR-14 can psychologically influence people to use these guns

    OMFG...the GUN MADE ME DO IT!! Now I have heard everything!

  • stillin

    Fink is onto something. Imagine having something happen to you in traffic that makes you really mad. OK. Now imagine that you have a pistol on the seat next to you. It changes your perspective. "If that guy knew what I had here..."

    Don't get me wrong. I own guns, including pistols. I don't have a CWP but what Fink mentioned is one reason why I resist the notion that carrying all of the time is a good idea. I would rather resolve things with my mind.

    (CWP is a weapons carry permit here.)

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Why in the world does a private citizen need a military assault weapon?

    No one expects a ban on assault weapon will deter suicides; there are far easier methods available to a person determined to destroy him/herself.

    The relevance of the Second Amendment was mooted by the the completion of the Westward Movement and the end of the Frontier.

  • TD

    For at least the hundredth time, an AR-15 is neither a military nor an assault weapon.

    It is substantially more powerful than most handguns, but still pales next to an ordinary hunting rifle.

    The cartridge on the left is 30-06 Springfield which is the most common hunting cartridge in the U.S. (Possibly even the world)

    The cartridge on the right is .223 Remington, which is what the AR-15 is chambered in.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    I'm so glad living in the Netherlands, where the number of homicide deaths is much lower. We have a lot of mad people too, and it give me peace of mind that it is not that easy for them to get such a weapon as it is in the States or other violent parts of the world.

  • lastmanstanding

    A ban is only for the front door. The back door of a weapons manufacturer is another story.

    The most dangerous segment of society will not be affected by any ban. Those who are responsible for the majority of killings using guns are not even in the gunsights of they who advance bans.

    In Canada, the government doesn’t even take an interest in “gun ban” discussions. No need. Here, the government follows every round of ammunition within its borders.

    What good is a gun without ammunition?

    The US government could ban the automobile and that would save millions of lives. LOL

    But as long as gasoline is available, people will find a tank to “load” it into.

    What really is this gun discussion about? The US government doesn’t give a rats posterior about guns killing school kids. There could be a ban on assault rifles tomorrow, and crazies could still buy any of hundreds of small arms legally or otherwise that could be used in a mass shooting.

    The reason assault rifles are the target of the governments actions is simple. These weapons are the ones that American militias will use against government controlled forces because of the specific kinds of ammunition that is available to fill their magazines, rounds that are designed to pierce personel armor. And the government is using the MSM and now children to advance their agenda.

    Now, before you crawl all over me, personally I hate guns. All of them.

    Maybe we should ban all guns for everyone.

    But keep the nukes, keep ‘em hot and ready, prepared to fly on a moments notice. Keep a lunatic hovering over the big red button, shaking in a cold sweat. And make it mandatory that every city in the free world have a method of informing the public daily of the minutes to oblivion remaining on the clock of doom.

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