You don't paint the rooms on the Titanic

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  • Saintbertholdt
    Can a hungry person eat a Bible?

    It would seem that you can:

  • OnTheWayOut
    "Your Jesus fed the poor and cured their illnesses, when he would have known good and well that wasn't any real answer if Watchtower is correct."

    I think if there were only 3 months or less before an asteroid destroyed the earth, then, yes. Don't paint the rooms....

    But if there is more time, then you gotta do all that Jesus asked [if that's your Christian position].

    I guess my train of thought revolves around the WTS's 140 year + [and counting] voyage after the planet hit that big iceberg....that no one else noticed.

    Also -Ignoranceisbliss- I just got your post. Very funny!...Just a delayed reaction from me

  • talesin

    Well, that is true, but as we all know, the Titanic had over 1,000 survivors. Are you saying you would have had the right to save only those you *liked*?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Since it was him who brought up the analogy of the Titanic and compared this "system of things" to a sinking ship, you could say;

    "Not assisting the needy today simply because one believes this system is doomed, is the equivalent of the Titanic's crew not distributing the ships life preservers to their passengers since they'd only survive for a short time in the icy water anyway. Only the most heartless of crewman would reason such a thing. On the other hand a caring and responsible crewman would offer whatever assistance he could. He'd realize that the life preservers although inadequate, will go down with the ship if they aren't used and it's worth a shot to use every last one of them, even if only to make the passengers a little warmer as they waited to enter the water. Likewise, the same could be said of the material goods of this world. If this system is indeed going down, as you say it surely is, the humane thing to do is to help make as many people as comfortable as possible for as long as possible, in any way we can".

    Of course any JW worth his salt will tell you that for the good of the greater number, It's better to spend our efforts warning approaching ships about the Iceberg rather than waste time on the one already sinking into the water.

    To that I'd say:

    The system of things in your analogy is one big sinking ship. There are no other approaching ships in this story. Besides, why not do both? How long would it take for a crew of men to hand out a few hundred life jackets while one or two of them sounded the alarm and radioed a warning to nearby ships?


    The WTS indicates that we are on the Titanic and have been since 1874[?]

    Maybe we're on the QE2

  • ToesUp

    I actually believe that these arrogant/self righteous "people" would love to see others destroyed. I believe they would sit there and watch with a smirk on their face. There is a certain type of person that is attracted to an organization that looks forward to others dying. Maybe that is why I never dug my hooks completely into their beliefs. I was always on of the JW's that had the WTF look on their face.

    These are the comments that infuriate me and confirm that I made the decision to leave this very disturbing and destructive cult.

  • eyeuse2badub

    The next time some self righteous, dumbass jw tells you something like; 'we don't paint the walls on the Titanic', ask them to read and explain the full verse in their bible at James 1:27.

    "The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world."

    I use this scripture often to stir up a little shi*t among the witnesses. I mention that the organization quotes this scripture quite often as one of their "proof texts" that being separate from the world is one of the "identifying marks" of the"true religion". After all agree that this indeed being separate from the world is an "identifying mark", I throw in the comment, "What about the part of this scripture that says we must also take care of widows and orphans? What provision does the organization have to take care of them?"

    'nough said

    just saying!


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