What is worse: 1914 or Beard change

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  • Gorb

    What is worse for jw's: changing the 1914 doctrine or allowing beards without the right to say what their opinion is?


  • Rattigan350

    There is nothing wrong with 1914. It is solid doctrine that preceded the governing body, Rutherford, Russell, etc.

    The beard thing is going to create divisions because people like me are conservative on that. Not in a religious sense, but as Lett said back in the 60s people started growing their hair out of rebellion. I'm for being a rebel, but a rebel with a cause. Bad grooming is not a good cause.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The Borg is it's worst enemy.

    This is going to create strife and divisions like you would not believe.

    Its December now. Come next summers convention season,,should be really interesting.

    This beard thing I mean. Could cause division like crazy.

  • Ding

    Changing 1914 would be devastating. The whole WT "Jehovah's organization" and "faithful and discreet slave" structure depends on it.

  • Simon

    1914 - the beard things isn't really "doctrine", it's just dress-code level stuff.

    1914 is core belief and their justification for being in charge in the first place.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Without 1914., the cornerstone of JWdom.

    The Borg collapses unto itself. They will adamantly stick to the fallacy of 607 bce.

  • Leathercrop

    For the old guard, the beard thing may be just as bad. The old guard is seeing unprecedented changes. I know 100 elders, old and young, that must be saying WTF right now with the time reporting change and now the beard change. It communicates a major relaxation of the way things are done. But the old guard got older thinking that in the last days things would become MORE urgent, more finetuned, more severe... instead you can now decide for yourself what the word "ministry" is and wear beards...

    It communicates to the old guard that they are likely much farther away from seeing Armageddon than they originally thought. Hell, the elders that studied with me were already saying 10 years ago that they were fearing living out this system. I don't know how the religion can keep saying the new system is just around the corner get ready, while at the same time changing rules to make things more lax.

  • nicolaou
    Without 1914., the cornerstone of JWdom the Borg collapses unto itself.

    No. Don't assume doctrine is important to any but a few remaining diehard elderly JW's, it isn't. Everything is up for grabs, there are no sacred cows and nothing matters but the money.

    Make it nice and easy (and dumb) and perhaps the congregations will last and keep contributing.

    It's beyond pathetic now.

  • no-zombie

    In my congregation everyone thinks that the beard thing is a big laugh, with people editing photos of each other and posting it around. Of course no one has said that "if it's ok now, why was it wrong before"?. No it's all robotic obedience.

    Thus in my mind, the Brotherhood now can't see the difference between a 'doctrine' and a 'procedural adjustment'. No, its just ... 'so this is what we now believe, cool."

  • Balaamsass2

    2024 will prove interesting.

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