Mr. Dropoff goes to Warwick!

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    The sound cars met their doom in one of the few Supreme Court Cases that the WT lost. The Court ruled that municipalities had the right to pass ordinance to limit the decibels of sound equipment. So the loud soundcars were deemed illegal.

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    Chrismas at Bethel. Sweet

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    Zoom in to see the word 'Bunker' Kevin will appreciate it.

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    That's all, folks!

  • BluesBrother

    I watched John Cedar's video of his visit and was struck that visitors don't get shown around at all... just exhibitions that could be set up anywhere... Trips to the London Bethel, and once to Brooklyn, were insights into what went on. We were shown around, met Bethelites , saw massive printing presses , laundry and kitchens....

    This is all so secretive.......

  • smiddy3

    The kingdom Interlinear Of the Christian Greek Scriptures printed by the WTB&TS a word for word translation of the Greek Text does not contain the Tetragrammaton of the Hebrew text or its Greek equivalent in the KI .

    Why not ? because it has no place their.

    The Tetragrammaton is four Hebrew characters translated in English as JHVH in the 13th Century more correctly in this century as YHWH

    The Christian Greek Scriptures that the WT Society base their NWT on and verified by the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the WT does not contain the Hebrew Tetragrammaton or even its equivalent in the Greek language .

    So their is no basis for using the name Jehovah /Yahweh at all in the Christian Greek scriptures./New Testament.

    For the WT to put that name in the marginal references /text of the NWT of the Christian Greek Scriptures is an addition that clearly should not be their .

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    @smiddy3 - So their is no basis for using the name Jehovah /Yahweh at all in the Christian Greek scriptures./New Testament.

    That becomes so obvious in this weeks "Bible Study" from the Jesus book. In the NWT Luke 1:76 reads;_

    76 But as for you, young child, you will be called a prophet of the Most High, for you will go ahead of Jehovah* to prepare his ways,+

    I wonder how many at the meeting will look at the Interlinear?


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