How/when did you become a jehovas witness?

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  • sparky1

    "My brainwashed mother made a death threat to me by telling me that the generation that saw 1914 was getting old and if I didn't get baptized soon Jehovah god would have no choice but to execute me at Armageddon which was imminent." - hoser

    Ha ha mother gave me the death threat in 1970. I was baptized soon thereafter. She had her own personal Armageddon when she died in 2000 never seeing a 'paradise earth'. Thank you, Jehovah for all the misery your organization has caused.

  • OnTheWayOut

    My aunt joined out of college and convinced my mother that the end of the world was coming in 1975.
    I was just a kid in 1975 when the end of the world did not come. My mother left the religion to return later, but I did not return with her.

    Fast forward to my young 20's. I made a mess of my life and tried to commit suicide. Jehovah's Witnesses was the only religion I knew. So when they told me God spared my life for a higher purpose, it sounded great to me.

    So I like to say that joining a dangerous mind-control cult was better than killing myself.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    On the way out: "So I like to say that joining a dangerous mind-control cult was better than killing myself"

    Finally I can see something good coming out of Christianity. First time it is the better alternative.

  • honest

    Nothing true about this religion. Please take a look at and read up on the stuff they don't disclose to you. Jehovah's Witnesses are cult and are being recognised by many governments as one and are monitored. Australia has a cult watch list and the jw's have qualified to be on that list.

    Ps be prepared to have your family destroyed by them if you join.


  • Londo111

    I was born-in, the third generation from both sides of my family.

    What beliefs of yours resemble the JWs?

    What if you encounter beliefs from this group that you do not agree with?

    For instance, do you believe Jesus began his invisible presence in 1914 and that in 1919, he selected the leaders of this organization to be his faithful slave, his only channel of dispensing spiritual direction?

    Do you believe if a person does not recognize the Governing Body as the Faithful Slave, one is doomed to eternal destruction at Armageddon, along with seven billion other non-JWs?

    If you or your children needed a blood transfusion in an emergency to save you life, would you deny the transfusion and risk death?

    If any of your friends or family would become JWs and disagreed with the Governing Body on a matter, or decided to leave the organization, would you shun them, not even saying hello?

  • Counter-Watchtower

    @ Lewis1998

    One Protestant to another (never been a JW) i can tell you what Ive leaned from the Jehovah's Witness Organization, check your PM (top of the screen) i sent you a message.

  • sporece

    I had everything going in the world as a 22 year old and then a beautiful, gorgeous young witness preached to me about a paradise earth and in 75 back in Chicago i got sucked in and stayed for 32 years. Left in 2007 and one of the best decision i ever made.

  • Vanderhoven7
    Excellent response Londo
  • Giordano
    ........but recently I started questioning my faith more and more and now I feel like my beliefs resemble that of a Jehovas witness rather than a Protestant.

    In essence the local congregation would arrange for someone to conduct a bible study with you. Bible study is a slight misnomer as it's more of a study of materials that are prepared by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society that represent their present beliefs.

    Among those beliefs is Paradise Earth which will come about after the destruction of this wicked world in the battle Armageddon. To put this another way Paradise Earth, which is not mentioned in the Bible, is going to be built on the bones of 7.5 billion people who are not JW's. Is that one of your beliefs?

    Is heaven your belief? Sorry according to the JW's there is only room for 144,000.

    How about the Ban on life saving blood transfusions and the thousands whose lives were lost ? A decade when they banned transplants as cannibalism.

    How about their two witness rule, which is in the Bible, but which has created a JW paradise for child sexual abuse. Do your own search on the JW pedophile problem.

    According to a recent Pew Survey the Jehovah's Witnesses are now the least educated (higher education) then any other major religion. Because of that and other factors they have the lowest income.

    Their divorce rate is the same as many other religions at around 11%.

    67% of born-ins stop identifying as JW's.

    A 100 thousand baptized JW's are disfellowshiped each year for numerous infractions something like 34 different reasons.

    So if your a believer in any of the above.............

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