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  • BluesBrother

    This article themes around Luke 16.9 "Make friends for yourselves by means of the unrighteous riches " ... A strange parable of Jesus where a steward is commended for mishandling his owner's money, to his own advantage.

    I am not going to attempt an explanation but the WT simply applies it to donating loads of money to "Gain friendship with Jehovah (par 12) ....... Now they are sounding more like the scandalous televangelists of 30 years back who raked in the money !

    This paragraph angered me :

    8 An obvious way to prove ourselves faithful with our material things is by contributing financially to the worldwide preaching work that Jesus foretold would take place. (Matt. 24:14) A young girl in India kept a small money box and gradually added coins, even giving up toys to do so. When the box was full, she handed the money over to be used for the preaching work.........

    They even want the kids pennies from her money box... Who needs toys?

    This is despite them being awash with money following the sale of Brooklyn . I know they have rebuilt , but in a cheaper area using largely free volunteer labour

    The Witnesses have been on a selling spree since 2011 preparing to relocate their headquarters to Warwick, New York. In the past year alone the group has sold off an an 11-story rental building for $87.5 million and two Columbia Heights buildings for a combined $76 million. The Jehovah’s Witnesses real estate holdings in the area have an estimated value north of $1 billion.

    I could vent more but , you get the point... It just says how giving money [to them of course] makes you a better person and Christian (par 10) and that encouragement to donate on line ,posted above appears right in this article folks... squeeze 'em 'till the pips squeak , as somebody once said....

  • NJ501

    I was shocked to see the donation picture at the end of the article...I was like why is that even there since everyone knows how to donate, theirs donation boxes at the back.

    I was disgusted with this article to make people feel guilty into donating...I didn't like hearing that giving money to org is how you can gain friendship with god....Sounds like a one of those friends who will like you only if you give money to them.

  • Toshibabadu

    It's bad enough the JW kids don't get to celebrate their birthdays or holidays. No after school sports or cheerleading. No saturday morning cartoons, Saturdays are for field service. No college. Now they need to give up toys and ice cream money.

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