Why do animals suffer?

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  • prologos
    The domestic cats do not suffer humans lightly, but have you watched their nightly foreys taken with their body cameras? Animals suffer too because we eat them. Asia: on the menu : MBF special: Mans Best Friend special. Probably delicious, but I never had the heart to swallow it.
  • talesin

    kaik, he's a beauty! You 'struck a chord' with me (ie, touched my heart), when you talked about how he greets you.

    I remember walking home from the bus stop, and when I got close (2-3 houses away), would hear my gurl calling from the window. She would hear the thump of my cane / cast coming down the street. When I got in front of the house, I would see her, pressed up against the screen. By the time I walked up the outside stairs to the side entrance of my flat, and opened the door, she would be there, saying "Where have you been?", and curling in and out of my legs, purring, then running up the stairs to her food dish! hahaha, you evoked some beautiful memories, thank you! xx

    I will post a picture of my Precious Blue. : ))

  • talesin
  • kaik
    My kitty is so attached to me that he walks me out to the door and cries when I leave for work. When I am on the backyard, he follows me and has to be on every window to see me. If he does not see me, he is very, and I mean very vocal. The funny things about him, he does not like guys, but loves women. He will regularly growl on my male neighbor, but he will let my female neighbor to pet him and lift him up. When my mom stays, he is all over her. When she leaves back for Europe he cries for several days for her. It is like having a small child.
  • LisaRose
    My cat usually prefers women also, although she is gradually becoming more comfortable with my husband. She now sometimes prefers his lap. She was a shelter kitty, I think her previous owner beat her with the newspaper, three years later she still flinches when you turn the page, even though we have never done that, it's like a form of PTSD. She also has a problem with being shut up in a room, or if we go outside in the yard and leave her in the house. In either case she will go ballistic, climbing the curtains and knocking things over, she has ripped the fabric and broken the rods. She has very strong opinions on things.
  • kaik
    Lisa, it is funny, because my cat does it as well. He can jump up to six feet high. I have paw prints as that high on the wall. The most annoying things he does is opening cabinets. He knows where is his food, and when he is hungry, he starts openning the cabinet. He will go on his back paws, and pulls the door toward him. I had to childproof all the kitchen cabinets, but he figured how to open them as well. He will than continue riding the door by pushing it forward and backward on his backdoor and slam it, until he get fed. However, he is heavy, so he managed to break the hinges. Additionally, he loves fire. I think he is pyromaniac, because when I turn fireplace he can watch the flames for hours.
  • kaik

    Here is a pic of the kitty hypnotized by fireplace. So far we had warm days, so I did not had the fireplace on, but this is a pic from last year when he was year old.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi nic - judging from the photo she looks a bit on the small side for a Lab. But she looks beautiful!

    Kaik - he weighs more than 10kg? That's 22lb in my money - blimey! I bet he chases away the foxes!

    P.S. nice photo, Talesin. Beautiful blue eyes.

  • Heaven

    Why do animals suffer?

    I asked my Father this question. He was unable to answer me. This has been my experience throughout my life. JWs do not have the answers to my questions. And they wonder why I'm not a JW.

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