Why do animals suffer?

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  • prologos
    The pain and response mechanism is efficient when it helps life to succeed. When there is a malfunction, a chronic breakdown, there is constant pain, a pain that is not eliminate by the short term numbing effect of the terror response. We have misconstrued the nature of "god", the originator to demand euthanasia, a pleasant death for all.
  • nicolaou

    This is the old girl . .

  • Simon
    Awe, she looks adorable
  • stuckinarut2

    Yes indeed! Great comments.

    There is nothing loving about the way our loved family members (animals) suffer before dying.

    What is the orgs explanation of how things would have happened IF Adam and Eve DID NOT sin? Would animals have just lived happy healthy lives until one day they just stopped?

  • gda
    why do innocent children suffer?

    Well, sometimes animals do terrible things. My cats are lazy as hell. Seriously, they sleep for hours on end. What kind of an example for "True Christians" is that? Then my cats lick themselves. Do you know how many times I have skipped service and attempted to imitate that very act, which often involves such demonic practices as Yoga? Disgusting...

    I have also witnessed female horses having "relations." Next thing you know, I'm surfing Netflix for Lesbian dramas! Do you see how animals are a corrupting, life threatening, distraction from kingdom interests?

    They cost money that should rightly go to pay for Tomo's retirement. No wonder Jeehoober is displeased!

    How dare you even ask such a question?? Quite frankly, it shows your level of spiritual immaturity.


  • talesin

    Oh, look at those soulful eyes. GOOD dog! I can hear her tail thumping, all happy. xx

    D-D ahahaha! Yes, we must not treat animals as family members. It's [a waste of possible contributions] against nature! The animals are created for man's use, not to be pets. Read the Creation account!

  • LisaRose

    I have lost two beloved pets to old age, a petite tuxedo cat named Cleo, who lived to 17 and a 100 pound husky/golden/german Shepard mix named Allie who lived to age 14. I had them both put to sleep when they began to suffer, I held them both in my arms while it was done, it's as close as you can get to a painless death, I just wish they did this for people in more places.

    Yes, nature can be cruel, to pretend otherwise is to be naive, but usually that death is quick, it's only when people get involved that real suffering happens. I have no tolerance for those who would adopt a pet and not take responsibility for it, or worse, deliberately make an animal suffer.

    My current cat is a bit of a hellion, she has been known to steal things and will wake us up with body slams if the food dish gets low, not pleasant at 6:00 am.. But I love her just a much as the others, if not more. She is wicked smart and quite the character and makes me laugh every day, I think she knows that is her job. If she isn't sneaking up behind me to smack me on the head she is waiting under the bed to grab my ankles. She also makes up games to play to keep herself entertained. I kept seeing her drape herself over the back of the chair and wiggle around. It took me a year to figure out she was trying to grab her tail from between the slats, lol. I have found her at the top of the stairs swinging things in her mouth to build up momentum then flinging them down the stairs to chase.

  • talesin
    usually that death is quick, it's only when people get involved that real suffering happens.


    Agreed. : (

  • just fine
    just fine

    I love my animals more than most humans. This was a sticking point for me as a child growing up in JW land - my animals would not be resurrected and that animals would still die once the new system came????????? How could we be enternally happy while still losing furry friends? Why would Jehovah resurrect people who did terrible things but not my dogs who did nothing wrong? Never made sense to me even as a child.

    Our old dog just died and there is always a big void when you lose a pet that shared so much of our life. I just wished they lived longer........

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