Why do animals suffer?

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  • smiddy

    As someone once said , when you say something to a dog , they cock there head as if to say Geeeez that was a profound statement you just made .

    My favourite saying ," Nobody loves you like a dog loves you "


    Edit to say , Why do all the marine creatures suffer , how in the world could Adam and Eve`s disobedience effect /affect marine life, where they live out there lives with the threat of another marine creature ready to eat them alive.

    And God is a loving God ? No harm to any creature would occur under his Kingship ? Then why has he tolerated it for over 6000 years ,? I don`t think the rest of creation would accept the WT theory.

    God is Love ? Tell that to all of his creation .

    Every living thing/creature on this planet survives by killing and eating some other living creature/thing .


  • kaik

    I love pets, and I had several cats and dogs. My cat died couple years ago, and I was very sad. Now I have this beastling, while he loves to fight and wrestle with me, he also loves to kiss. I can call him, and he will come. Sometimes he is very demanding for affection and will bring me a toy to play with me. When I get home, he stands at the windows and is first one to greet me.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    my late wife had a whole troop of cats and dogs. ive seen them all go. never again.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Beautiful pic, Nic. What is she, a Labrador?

    Love your cat too, Kaik. Looks exotic, what breed is he?


    Pets are awesome.


  • Billyblobber

    The old excuse in the publications were that animals were like robots operating only on a mystical "instinct" and only "pretended" to have emotions to "amuse us." This was combined with "the animals didn't kill each other before Adam and Eve sinned."

    Now that science has proven that lots of primates, aquatic mammals, dogs, and even animals that some people eat in the Western world, like pigs, have a full range of pain, emotion, and sentience, and that animals killed each other millions of years ago, the publications have been completely silent on the subject. Add that to the long list of "this was disproven so we'll ignore it."

  • LisaRose

    I just found this great collection of funny and heartwarming animal videos


  • nicolaou

    Hi LUHE. Yeah, mostly Labrador but there's definitely something else in there too. She was three years old when we got her as a 'rescue dog' so we'll never know her whole back story.

    She was so nervous when we got her, as though she expected to be scolded all the time.

    I just don't understand some people's attitude to their pets. .

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Because Doghova caught them sinning against his holy mane. What?
  • kaik

    My kitty is an Asian Leopard cat hybrid. He is now bigger than on that picture He is a bit bigger than regular cat and weights over 10kg. His length from head to ass is about 85-90cm. He is very clean cat, and constantly demands an attention. Does not shed, throws up, or poops outside his throne. He has more toys than Maria Antoinette. He will chase you if you run away from him, but he will not attack. One things he will pick items and carry them away like keys, jewelry, phone charger, flash drive, so I have to be constantly on lookout what he is carrying. He will pick stuff in split second and run away with it.

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