Demonic Possession

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  • Nihilistic Journey
    Nihilistic Journey

    I am looking for articles that I recall reading from the magazines. I recall getting the magazines through subscription so it must have been in the 1980's. They were "biographies" from sisters that dealt with demonic possession and attacks. I haven't been able to find them using the 2017 CD I downloaded. Anyone know what I am looking for and / or where it is?

    Thanks in advance.

  • BereanThinker7
    BereanThinker7 a thread i posted awhile back had some links to different weird articles the society has published in the past.

  • Nihilistic Journey
    Nihilistic Journey

    Thanks. I was remembering a different article but that is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I only remember the magazine articles containing side references that mentioned people having troubles with demons. It was usually someone that was studying or a new one. Other than admonishment to abstain from spiritistic practices, I don't remember any specific articles about demon encounters and what to do about them.

    Most of what I heard was anecdotal. Lot's of JW's claimed to know someone who had problems with demons or they had problems with them themselves (usually silly old ladies). They'd pride themselves on not purchasing second hand objects from thrift shops or garage sales so as not to have a demonic encounter.. I love the look on their faces when I'd ask them about the used cars they were driving.

  • Nihilistic Journey
    Nihilistic Journey

    The one that I remembered was of a sister in Africa that had practiced Ancestor Worship. When she started studying she was harassed by Demons

  • Diogenesister
    I love the look on their faces when I'd ask them about the used cars they were driving

    Yes and unless they were living in a brand new house what's the point of avoiding pre-loved items!

  • peacefulpete

    The demon stuff seems to have varied locally a lot. Back in the 70's when the Exorcist movie was hot there were many stories in circulation about demons. Silly tales and in some cases rip offs of movie plots with floating objects and walking toys. In our circuit it resurfaced in late 80's early 90's. Our congo had a call for everyone to inspect your home and burn anything the least bit suspicious. I can laugh now but at the time I burned my Eagles (witchy woman song) and Toto (cryptic symbol on cover) albums. It left a deep impression on many JWs. I have talked with people who left many years ago who still have residual phobias of mythic demons.

  • Atlantis

    Watchtower-1987-September-1st-pgs 7-10.

    See scan 1 (pg 7 in Watchtower) at bottom by picture.
    Everyday life in our village was ruled by demon and ancestor worship. To bind others with a spell and bring sickness and death upon their fellowman, some people used wisi, black magic, or they enlisted the help of a koenoe (pronounced koo noo), a teaser. These teasers are believed to be persons who were mistreated by a family member. After their death, they supposedly return to the family to wreak vengeance.

    Actually, however, these teasers are debased demons that force people to worship them.



  • blondie

    I would ask about new cars, you never could know if a demonized person had assembled part of the car or made the dress/pants you wearing.

    I can understand this thinking in a culture/community founded on the belief of demon possession. But not too many in the US take this seriously. They don't view horror films as documentaries.

    As to thrift stores and garage sales, the view as used anything being purchased being demonized is painting yourself into a corner.

    When I went to "pioneer school," when we went out to practice the things regarding talking to people at the door, we had to go with one of the instructors for part of the morning or afternoon. As we walked along, I saw a garage sale up ahead. One of the sisters in the school, was very vocal about demons and garage sales. It happened she and her partner were working across the street from us. As we reached the garage sale, the instructor looked at what was for sale, picked up a couple of things he knew his wife would like and that a friend would like. Went up to pay for them and just mentioned that we were jws in their neighborhood. Complemented them on the well run sale. And that was it. Later, I saw that woman go up to him to chastise him. He pulled aside out of earshot and quietly talked to her. She stormed off, but later was a lot meeker in the afternoon.

    I have found there is at least one person who gets attention when she/he makes themselves the center of a "special" demon event. It is sad that anyone would have to do that to be noticed. The problem was she had an influence on some who thought if you did not have a demon experience, you weren't doing enough and satan did not see you as a worthy target.

  • smiddy3

    In my 32 years as a practicing JW ,I have heard of a few JW women who claimed they were sexually attacked by demons in the night while they were sleeping .

    But I never ever heard of a male JW claiming he was sexually attacked by demons in the night while they were sleeping ?

    Funny that.

    Angels/Demons are of neither sex M or F ,isn`t that right ? Yet the Bible always points out that they always take the male `s point of view and want to have sex with females ?

    Why is that ?

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