If you leave the WT and don’t get vaccinated, you will still have the virus and keep getting sick

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  • pistolpete

    So the past couple of years, I’ve read several stories about Jws who left the Organization at an early age because they knew something wasn’t right------But they Never bothered to research the religion.

    There was this feeling that the Watchtower was not God’s only channel. So they left at an early age. Many went to College to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, Scientists, and other higher level educated people.

    They even married non-jws and raised a family.

    And here comes the problem. Regardless of how educated they got, regardless of the fact that they cut off all association with Jehovah’s Witnesses, ------ they still believed Noah’s flood happen, 1914 was the beginning of the last days, demons were real and had a desire for beautiful women, --------and DON’T READ APOSTATE SITES.

    And these lingering beliefs, are passed on to the children------INADVERTENTLY!

    I've read many experiences where the parent left the organization but didn't get rid of the indoctrination, only to unintentionally pass the "WT Ideas" to the children. The children in turn started studying with JWs when they left the house and had their own family. And eventually the children got baptized and had no choice but to shun their parents for the rest of the parent's life. Not allowing the grandchildren to even visit grandmother because she didn't serve Jehovah.

    There is no way around it, in order to free yourself completely from Watchtower indoctrination, in most cases you need help. A person needs to visit some legit exjw sites or read legit exjw books like “Gentile Times Reconsidered. A person can do it on his own but I will take longer, and the research will be harder.

    Here is the latest daily experience of a lady who left 16 years ago and finally gave herself permission to look at an APOSTATE SITE.

    These are her words;

    I’m 16 years out. I have to work on some long overdue reprogramming......It will help me teach my daughter independent thinking when she’s older.


  • pistolpete

    Here's an example of how many wake up in just one hour's time on Reddit alone. Imagine others who wake up on other sites or just wake up.

    Every day approx. 4-5 new jws post asking for help and want answers why there is so many reports on child abuse in the organization.



  • peacefulpete
    Absolutely true. We have seen it repeatedly. People who have been out of the direct control of the religion but are years later yet harboring unhealthy sectarian fears and feelings of inadequacy. IMO objectively examining the Bible itself has even greater inoculation value than just analyzing this one particular sect. I just reconnected with a childhood friend who has managed to free himself from this one church only to be drawn to another with similar intellectual dishonesty.
  • Harry

    Isn't Jehovahism a virus that's hard to get rid of ?

    Apparently the only thing to cured this virus is a tincture made up from knowledge, reality and truth.

  • LongHairGal


    As for being drawn to another church ‘with similar intellectual dishonesty’, that might happen to some who leave the JWs. But, I doubt it would happen to me.

    I saw on some site there is also a terrible attitude towards single women that exists in other Christian religions, etc. There is the same stupid mentality that single women will be servile idiots doing favors for people!..(Dream on.) Also, the attitude is there that single women are temptresses looking to steal husbands! About the only thing these churches have in their favor is they don’t knock education and careers like the JWs do.. But, I wouldn’t go near any of them anyway.

    I can’t see myself going somewhere where smiling ladies with glazed eyes come up to me and ask things that will annoy me and I have to be less than civil to some ignoramus. No, I had enough of this in the Witness religion to last a lifetime.

    Only a glutton for punishment would seek this out again.

  • Diogenesister

    Pistolpete I couldn't agree more. That very thing could have happened to my kids if it weren't for the ARC, Ray Franz and this site.

    I left the religions clutches when I got together with and married my husband. However although I had major problems with the blood doctrine I had begun to talk to my kids about "the truth".The blood doctrine was the major issue for me and truth be told it was only because I didn't want to be a hypocrite and rely on the state to protect my children if they needed lifesaving blood that I didn't go back. You see I'd seen witness parents show relief when the doctors took the burden of administering blood from them. They knew in the UK their children would not be allowed to die. So it was easy for them, not so in other countries. I thought it was unfair some parents should have that burden when I knew I didn't have to worry about it as a UK witness. I didn't agree with it and was not prepared to just keep quiet knowing I was "ok Jack". I myself was fully prepared to refuse it but I knew I would never be able to refuse it for my kids. So I could not in fairness be a witness. However if it wasn't for that I would have indoctrinated the fear of Armageddon into them.

    Leaving isn't enough, you have to do the research.

  • pistolpete

    Also, the attitude is there that single women are temptresses looking to steal husbands!

    I'm not sure why, but I've noticed this is the case in "most" Christian religions. It probably has to do with the way women are portrayed in the Bible. You know David already had wives but Bathsheba stole him from them, in a matter of speaking. Or the way the bible describes prostitutes like in Revelation.Or Eve who tempted Adam.

    Who knows but this is reality.


    That very thing could have happened to my kids if it weren't for the ARC, Ray Franz and this site.

    I read a lot of sad stories of exjw parents who left the WT but never did enough research to learn how ALL the Teachings of WT are dangerous, but many in a very subtly way. One couple decided to keep some of the teachings and teach them to the kids. When the kids grew up and JWs knocked on their door, they were ripe for being harvested into the religion. In time the elders and others warn them that the parents left Jehovah and should be treated like apostates. The children called the parents and told them they would not associate or talk to them until they came back to Jehovah's Organization. Decades went by very quickly with no contact with their children or grandchildren. In the meantime the father died.

    The parent posting the experience was in her 80s and on her death bed and wanted to see her children and grandchildren, but the children refused to visit her in her last days. Don't know what happen to that lady but she never posted again.

    It's important for exjws to research extensively and get rid of all indoctrination.

  • peacefulpete

    longhairgal,.......... glad to hear it. I will add that only that distrust and contempt of higher education is a rather typical characteristic of Fundamentalism.

  • smiddy3

    pistolpete it`s very true what you state ,I have often said .

    " Many people leave the JW religion , but the JW religion never leaves them ."

    And i too believe that`s a big mistake . They should for their own peace of mind research what they were indoctrinated to believe and clear it up once and for all .

    And i believe Don Cameron`s book will do that for you , Captives Of A concept ,using WT publications .

  • Longlivetherenegades

    They can equally get CHRONOLOGY or REVELATION done by Doug Mason on numerous publications of JWS.

    For example the same ORGANIZATION state the below......

    .......Totalitarian religious rule is at war with democratic individuality There are religious systems that are totalitarian in their rule. History shows one of the oldest of these to be the Roman Catholic( replace with Jehovah's witnesses) religious system. By its spokesmen - pope( replace with Governing body) the claim is made that the salvation of all mankind rests upon the obedience of everybody to the pope at Vatican City( the 8 GB at Walkill or Warwick). Because it considers itself to be the only agency for human salvation , that religious system has undertaken the program of world conquest( preaching in 235 lands ahahahaha). … Where these totalitarian religionists are in the majority this use of force has resulted in the practice of intolerance; but where they are in the minority they call for toleration and plead for it and demand it. Just as soon as they get the upper hand, then they abuse their power and position and they themselves practice intolerance and all other methods to take away religious liberty from others( go against the GB and its foot soldiers you will live to tell the story). … The *totalitarian* system, therefore, has to be *enforced by compulsion and is at war with all democratic individuality........April 1 1956 Watchtower pg 196

    The finger they point at others is what they DO. Jesus said unless your RIGHTEOUSNESS is greater than the PHARISEES. Whenever I read these words of JESUS one common thing about Pharisee is HYPOCRISY. The ORGANIZATION reels and reeks HYPOCRISY. Their publication over the years is a credible and faithful witness to that.

    At the point of my own exit, of one the elder said sometimes we tend to find the unexpected in the ORGANIZATION. I laughed and said......"When we see such unexpected we keep mute and take it as nothing" but when other Christian denominations do it, we should pick up stones and STONE them.

    What should we call that if not HYPOCRISY.

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