If you leave the WT and don’t get vaccinated, you will still have the virus and keep getting sick

by pistolpete 13 Replies latest jw experiences

  • WTWizard

    The jokehovian virus is way more serious than what they are making coronavirus out to be, and there is a safe, effective vaccine against the jokehovian virus. It is simply "Do you wish to continue supporting a work that is intended to enslave the whole planet? Do you wish to continue abiding by rules that always go against nature, even when they make no sense?" You don't even need a needle--all you need is to do some open research on the whole matter, both from the viewpoint that the washtowel doesn't abide by the bible (not even their own), and from the viewpoint that the whole bible is bunk. This is why the washtowel is so afraid of people looking at apostate sites, since they contain much of this vaccine.

    On the other hand, the far milder coronavirus causes a cold (in most cases), if that. There is no effective vaccine (the ones they are going to force on us are harmful and have worse side effects than the full coronavirus). There is a nice way to reduce the severity of it if you do get it--called "quercetin". No such way to mitigate the jokehovian virus, and no, a mask is not going to do you any good with that, either.

  • Overrated

    I was always sick when I was a JW, both in mind and body. But after I quit being a JW, I got better and even more better.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I disagree completely with the original post. All I needed was to see evolution was factual 100% and no more WT doctrine or bible. Done

  • Phizzy

    HTBWC, lucky you ! and I mean that, you didn't have to go through the process that so many have had to do to " de-programme" or whatever you like to call it.

    But an awful lot DO need to go through the process to some degree, if they do not do it, as the O.P states, they end up being in the pitiable state of them being out of the religion, but, the religion not being out of them. That is so sad, that some people are like that.

    Any help we can offer such people should be given to them, so they can lead a happy, free life as we do.

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