How do you feel about the JWS religion after being out more than 10, 20, 30 years ?

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  • BelisemDeBelimakom

    Here is what I believe on those, after my research:

    1. 1914 > Speculation, one of the deceptions

    2. Blood policy > as other things, has Masonic connection (see Springmeier's books)

    3. The position of Jesus > The way, the truth, the life. Acts 4:12. Jesus prayed to his (and our) heavenly Father, but interestingly never used/pronounced his name. Jesus has full authority (Mt 28:18). We cannot bypass Jesus to be acceptable before God.

    And one more important thing I've forgot:
    I now believe and realize that Christians must partake emblems as instructed by Jesus, either privately or publicly (shouldn't matter).

  • JoenB75

    Hi Belisem,

    I certainly agree. Concerning the blood policy, it is another example of a teaching based on little bible basis and little sound thinking. Surely without the 'Papal' authority there is not much to base the idea on. "Did they have blood transfusions back then, yes or no". Incredible the JWs are letting their children die on such little basis.

    Concerning Jesus, all authority has been given to him. He has been raised above all. I believe the Word made flesh Jesus is the highest revelation of God given to us

  • Finkelstein

    One thing to keep in mind is that because of the late 1800's preachers and charlatans such C T Russell who started the IBSA as an organization of Christian literature proselytizers, built the ground work for the WTS and the following men who got a hold of it who subsequent built up their own power base.

    That self identifying power grew from and expanded by the self recognition as the anointed ones and the FDSL .

    The reality is these men were just opportunistic sinning false prophet apostates who just happen to express their theology through the literature they published and proliferated and that is why the JWS religion to this day is wrought with imposing fear, ignorance and corruption.

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely

  • truth_b_known

    Shortly after the change in the generation doctrine back in the 1990s, there was a local newspaper article about a woman who would protest in our town. She would wear a mask, stand by the side of a busy road, and hold up a sign that read "Watchtower breaks up families." The article relayed how after the doctrine change the woman left the Watchtower and as a result her family shunned her.

    I am not really sure how I felt. In retrospect I can empathize with the woman. I left about 10 years ago. It was about a year before that when I stopped being active, but that was due to my work schedule. When I stopped being active I learned fast who my friends are. Recently I told my father I was never going to come back. I haven't heard from him since.

    I think I do have a responsibility to educate people on the true nature of the Watchtower. I understand the idea of "get on with your life and stop obsessing about this cult." I don't obsess. I have move forward with my life. I'm no Lloyd Evans, but I do try to stay up to date with what is going on and share when I have something to add to the conversation.

  • eyeuse2badub

    My mom became a jw when I was 4. That was in 1951. So I was fully indoctrinated most of my life. I was a pioneer and an elder for over 20 years. Married a jw girl (still married to her and she's still a jw) and raised my 4 children as good jw's. My children thankfully do not take religion very seriously but they all married jws.

    Since waking up to ttatt about 15 years ago and beginning a slow, gradual, and successful fade life has become fun and interesting. It's called freedom!

    I still have lifelong many jw friends that have accepted me 'as is' despite my "spiritually" weak condition. lol. My jw siblings (my 2 brothers are elders and my sister married to an elder) accept me 'as is' also. I am the oldest sibling and, unfortunately, I blazed the trail for my younger siblings in jw-ism. My brothers aften mention to me that if it hadn't been for my "great example" that they probably wouldn't be jws today! wow!

    The way I feel about the jw religion is the same way I feel about all religion! It's decisive, controlling, and self righteous. My experience as a jw was like most of us here, not all bad and not all good. It's what we did then but fortunately, it's not what we do now!

    just saying!

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    I can understand people's feeling of utter betrayal.

    I was lied to when I studied - I think they must have spent years trying to put on a good act to continue trying to fool me. While I didn't know much it worked but I'm a helpful soul and got the impression they appreciated my help. So I did all the stand in talks, properly, you know using the scriptures and making the right points. What I didn't realise was, they didn't like this. Not really. But in my helpfulness (doing these talks) I saw through the false teachings. So I blew the whistle. Nice and loud. Again, I thought I was helping them and the false doctrine simply originated with some fuddled headed chap at HQ who'd got his scriptures twiddled.

    But no.

    So in the end (having given them 14 years) I disfellowshipped the Governing Body because I had evidence they were ignoring my expressions of deep concern and I could see the horrendous damage they were doing on so many levels. All sorts of things that the Bible condemns. Yes, they threw me shortly after, but by then I had already told them they'd been disfellowshipped and done my best to make sure I had informed the congregations far and wide.

    Happily this has had a good effect on many locally and encouraged them to leave without causing them the terrible psychological damage that has happened to others.

  • EverApostate

    I had been out for 10 years. Hate the GB for all its deception, tricks, scams, cover-ups and their dangerous dictatorial attitude.

    I do all I can to prevent people from getting trapped into it. As well as, I do everything to wake up who are already in.

  • Victor

    I was not born, I was recruited by a high school friend. I left 25 years ago due to the hypocrisy and emotional and psychological damage I saw they were doing. I've written some articles over the years that have been translated into other languages.

    To date I've detowered 25 people directly and indirectly. JW's are nothing more than a business enterprise created by social outcasts. I've studied the early founders and primitive religious because I'm a research nerd. Russell and company built their base of social misfit followers based on trafficking fear. Primitive religions kept people hostage because being part of the religion was an insurance to survive. If you did not totally accept the shaman or oracle who spoke directly with the gods, you and your family were on your own to fend for yourself. The middle managers or bishops were created as the religion grew and these were now the greedy power brokers.

    At present the theology of JW's is nothing of what Russell sold to his followers. As one by one of Russell's theories were proved to be false another was replaced by the new leadership. As long as people fear the future, there will be a place for JW's and all who recruit with the message of an antidote for fear.

    JW's are followers of followers who victimize and control people's lives and their resources. When one leaves, one gains the clarity to know that no one kept them enslaved without one's consent.


  • Finkelstein

    Well said Victor thank you

  • Doubledecker


    further to my first post yesterday which outlines the effects the cult had on me from just 18 years exposure , I am finally starting to wake up to the fact the although I never truly believed In it , I let it pass thinking they were just another religion and that apart from causing a nuisance knocking on doors didn’t really cause any harm .

    However , now, educating myself on their mind control techniques and shameful policy on child sex abuse , which I actually had experience with as a JW , I think they are a most dangerous organisation and am considering my relationship stance with my family members who are active . I would like them to wake up to

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