How old would Br. Franz be today if he overlapped himself?

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  • sparky1

    "How old would Br. Franz be today if he overlapped himself?"- waton

    Isn't there a limerick that deals with part of this question?

    'There once was a man from Nantucket..............'

    There is no mention of the mans age in the limerick but there is something in there about where Franz can 'stick it' for his part in this whole religious fiasco.

  • waton
    jp: I have "hammered" away on this particular issue with more effort and effect than you'll ever know!.

    Great!...can you share some? with this thread I tried to roll back time, show that in 1939*** Franz was 36 years away from 1975, 53 years away from his death, as a under lapper, a latter day Franz II would take us into 2070 to 2075 again. so:

    "If I had a hammer Id hammer in the morning--evening." next blow please.

    If witnesses would be confronted with this issue in the H2H, "work" ...They would dread "not giving up" even more.

    *** 1939 corresponds to 2017 in the overlapping franzes

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