Something I had never thought about re: the Borg's nonprofit status

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  • Diogenesister
    Nonprofits don't have to do anything charitable. There are lots of different kinds of nonprofits; not all of them do charitable works. I doubt that the time slips that JWs turn in has to do with maintaining their nonprofit status.
    I think the issue is more that religions are automatically counted as non profits since it is considered they do positive things for the community.whereas other groups, such as groups promoting such things as sports, education or research etc have more hoops to jump through to prove their status.watchtower does nothing but recruit into watchtower and certainly does nothing to promote a better more cohesive community as churches are presumed to do.
  • Diogenesister
    Yes, they do claim to do charitable work as to disaster zones, though we have also heard that they send brothers in after the volunteers do all of the work and leave on their own dimes and then they ask for the insurance checks.
    Yeah and the fact is it’s JWs AS INDIVIDUALS who do any helping, on their own dime, the organization itself does ZILCH.
  • Diogenesister

    Dubstepped I recommend contacting telltale (you tube) he wants to set up a non profit for a home for shunned homeless kids.

    i think this should be a major priority. The gay community has it down pat with their “secular safe house” but nothing for straight kids, yet, sadly.

    You would make a great person to run it as u have a lot of trust and good will in this community.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Diogenesister, is this "telltale" on YouTube the same grifter who came on here a few years ago and announced similar plans, along with plans to produce a film? If memory serves, the film - or maybe his alter-ego - was "losing my religion."

    His own mother wouldn't give him money! As a test, I DID give him some $$,$$$ and in a flash he traveled north and south, up to Europe, down to Africa, up to Europe, bought cameras, ate nice dinners, etc. Soon the money was gone and along with it the "ass-istants" who helped him spead it on cameras and software. And a lawyer, who was supposed to help get a completion bond for the film project.

    Too bad he never got the completion bond - if he had he might have been able to wring some money out of an insurance company. If you do a search here you'll be able to docuent "The Grifter Chronicles."

    It is a joy to exp

    ose these fnckin' frauds for what they are - opportunists and liars!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    My apologies, I was beset by typos...

    "...helped him spead it on" should have been "...helped him spend it on..."


    "It is a joy to exp

    ose these..." was supposed to be "It is a joy to expose these..."

    Sorry 'bout those errors.

  • dubstepped

    I think the above is kind of why I tend to do my own thing. I've heard too many awful stories about people going in together on ex-JW projects. Dave Ramsey likes to say that the only ship that won't sail is a partnership. I'm sure that many also work, but I tend to be a lone ranger. Then I don't have to be responsible for anyone else, especially at first. I see a nonprofit that grows as needing help with specific tasks but I'd probably hire outside to get things done. It's just my style.

  • Telltale

    err.... what? I dont know anything about plans to produce a film...? ive never been out of the country. I dont even have a passport. I went to Hawaii when I was a teenager.

    I havent actually said anything about a safehouse. I do have plans for a nonprofit but a safehouse is past my capabilities. I'm starting small. I do have plans for the nonprofit but I havent made those plans public yet. and, in fact, I havent even created the nonprofit yet so even if I wanted to take donations for it I couldn't.

    if you guys need any information about my activities or plans then you can get them from my channel.

    do me a straight solid and dont believe bullshit rumors. about anybody.

  • kramer

    Timeslips are nothing to do with charitable status, some charities might record volunteer hours so they can record a “ donation in kind” or similar. Sometimes funders of charities have match funding requirements whereby the recipient charity has to demonstrate that it has raised funding from other sources. As jws don’t take institutional charitable funding then this isn’t an issue.

    Jw’s definitely meet the definition of charity (at least in the uk), as they have a remit and objective to educate and publish educational material without charge.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    The purpose of time slips is to measure one's level of dedication to the cult. It has nothing to do with charitable status (at least in the US) as is pointed out. A recognized religion has automatic tax exemption in the US. No charitable work is required for them since providing religious instruction is one of the criteria.

    The measurement of time is the SINGLE most important criteria to gaining additional "privileges" for JW males. That's the first thing the elders look at in appointing men and you can exhibit every other "quality" needed as a MS/Elder but if you don't have 10 hours a month and usually show RVs and good placement history, then it doesn't matter. It's an easy way to measure "spirituality".

  • dubstepped
    I haven't seen specifically where it doesn't count toward nonprofit status in any way, and it makes some sense, but I see where it does appear that merely being counted as a "church" and meeting that criteria may be enough for automatic nonprofit status.

    I have always known that it was a measuring stick for dedication and "spirituality" (how gullible and obedient one is) but thought this was an interesting discussion based on information that I was given.

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