We're you regular at all the meetings?

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  • Hellothere

    We're you regular at the 3 meetings days watchtower hade? I remember our was Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays. In reality it's crazy they hade so many meetings. That they still have two and not only one weekend meeting is strange. Why not ease the burden on congregations. Basically everything was about watchtower with that many meetings. If there was such a hurry with preaching, why not have less meetings and let JWs be out more in service? Most of books we studied are outdated or watchtower has removed. What a waste of time.

  • User99

    Yes, I was regular at meetings. That was a requirement for me prior to handling sound, getting to be a ministerial servant, etc.

    I often wondered why we went out in service every Saturday morning, but almost like clockwork stopped at noon. We were told that the preaching work was lifesaving work and meant life or death to everyone. So were all the meetings really necessary? Just because the Scriptures say not to forsake the gathering of yourselves together, does that mean that Watchtower could dictate when, where and how often we were required to attend? And why stop service at noon on Saturdays?

    I stopped the whole routine about 5+ years ago when I realized all of it was a waste of my time and effort.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Big fish. Little pond.

    Lots of those in the JW world.

    Or as my rancher friends from Texas would say -- Big hat. No cattle.

  • Diogenesister
    Or as my rancher friends from Texas would say -- Big hat. No cattle.


    In Sarf London we say "All mouth and no trousers"☺️

    If there was such a hurry with preaching, why not have less meetings and let JWs be out more in service?

    Good point hellothere

  • enoughisenough

    I was regular at the meetings for years and years...going on snowy icy roads and out in service in below zero weather. Not only that, but going early to drive 45 minutes out of the way to pick up an older sister in another town. ( Several took turns doing that ) Yeah, what a waste of time, and expense! ) ( not to mention conventions and assemblies which I hated-so tiring. I got so I couldn't see to drive at night in the later years so I did the phone it thing. I am glad I woke up to the nonsense.

  • Phizzy

    Yup. I was the same as you guys, always there, i was there with two other guys on the night the whole area got snowed off, nobody else turned up! We did a sort of quick "Meeting" with just us three ! How crazy was THAT ?

    I was THE best attender in my Congo, never ill, rarely took a vacation. Which is why I was surprised that when I stopped going, just like that, nobody came to see me for 6 months, and only then because two Elders thought they would DF me for Apostasy, they failed. But such a loving Org. aren't they ?

    What an immense waste of time, money, and my life ! I'm so glad I woke up and left.

  • smiddy3

    Yes ,and I`m ashamed to admit it as it shows how stupid and gullible I was and to bring my two boys up in this cult of a religion.

    But thankfully we are all out now and getting on with our lives.

    My memory is failing me somewhat now ,but I convinced my then GF who became my wife and remained a JW for between 30-40 years

  • eyeslice

    Yes, I was a regular at all the meetings, from the days when Public Talks were 55 minutes long and the Watchtower often longer.

    The there was the mid-week meeting and weekend field service. We even used to go door to door for an hour prior to the Tuesday Group Study, so-called 'pre-group witnessing'.

  • TonusOH

    I attended all meetings for most of my time as a JW. As I began my slow fade, I started missing meetings. It was a real grind. Even now, I tend to feel like I have to hurry home after work, even though I don't have any obligations in the evenings anymore. It stays with you.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    In Sarf London we say "All mouth and no trousers"☺️

    Not being in London, Sarf or otherwise, we tend to say "All fur coat and no knickers!"

    In answer to the question however, I am sad to say yes, I was regular at all the meetings. Tuesday evening group study plus an hour D2D prior to that during the summer. Thursday evening M/S and S/M. Saturday morning D2D, Sunday morning D2D, afternoon P/T and W/T.

    Talk about a waste of a life.


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