This Is It...

by JW_Rogue 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    The JW religion (Publishing house) was built upon fear, ignorance with mix of corruption and lies .

    ........ somethings never change.

    " Are spiritual leaders the GB have told us new light concerning Russia now being the prophesied King of the North.......... thank you Faithful Discrete Slave"

  • smiddy3

    Wasn`t Germany the KOTN and Great Britain was the KOTS in Russell / Rutherford days ? then it became the USSR as the KOTN after that ,then they weren`t sure who was going to emerge as the KOTN and now its down to the lone Russians without there satellite nations ,and the KOTS is the Anglo/American alliance.

    All of these flip flops while the Reigning King Jesus Christ sits on his throne ruling amidst his enemies since 1914 ?

    It doesn`t look good for the next 900 years of Jesus Christ reign judging by his first 100 years on the job.

    Especially with all of the downsizing ,cutbacks and lay-offs of long standing Bethel volunteers who have been put out to pasture to fend for themselves ,selling off of KH`s and Branches around the world.

    Not to mention how Jesus Christ as the reigning King is dealing with or handling all of the Child sexual Abuse cases that have sprung up all over the world..... ON HIS WATCH ?

  • Tenacious

    "Prophecies are best understood after fulfillment."

    Charlatans anyone?

    Example: Russia has seized our assets and imprisoned some brothers.

    GB: "This is it. Did you notice how these happenings match exactly what scripture says and what we've been saying all along?"

    Russian government: Assets released and brothers released.

    GB: "Isn't Jehovah wonderful?! Look how he's given more time to the nations?"

    I can't believe I bought this crap willingly.

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