By far, one of the stupidest things I have heard

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  • freedom96

    Get this:

    A person I know, has a child, who is barely a teenager. He just gave a talk in the hall, and guess what the topic was?

    I can understand a bible reading at that age, etc. But this talk, given by a young teenager, was on the subject of:

    Marriage Separation

    What stupid dip shit elder assigned this talk to such a young person??? Are they f-ing serious?!?

  • Brummie
    Are they f-ing serious?!?

    unforunately they are, but they are also f-king stupid


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I suppose it could be argued that as an assignment for the Ministry School, it was entirely fitting that a young man be given this material, because the training was directed at the young man, not at the congregation or the public. The young man would have to familiarize himself with the "bible-based(tm)" "principles" and "reasoning" involved. Not all Ministry School assignemtns should be simple readings of the "begats," should they?

    If, on the other hand, this young man was giving such a talk during the Service Meeting - which is more directly instructing the congregation - then I would agree with you that the speaker selected for such a subject should be someone with more experience and gravitas.

    On the other hand, the way JW kids screw around today, that youngster may have had more experience than some of his elders, y'know?

  • Beck_Melbourne

    The Ministry School Overseer is obviously lazy. They are supposed to read the theme of each talk and match the student with the theme accordingly. It wouldn't surprise me if that elder is using a database where talk themes are matched with individuals in a rotation system. They are not advised to do this as some themes are not appropriate for the individual....they are expected to check each one manually. Some don't check, but they should.


  • shamus

    I would love to see a talk where a teenager boy talks about mastrubation. If that ever happened I would drive half-way round the world to see everyone squirm in their seats.

    Of course, the brother would call in sick before doing that.... however, nobody knows the strange mentality of them.....

  • rocketman
    On the other hand, the way JW kids screw around today, that youngster may have had more experience than some of his elders, y'know

    lol nathan, but you have a point. There are so many jw kids out there doing stuff their parents have no clue about.....they may just as well be giving these talks

  • rocketman

    Beck's right, the TMS Overlordseer was likely just a bit lazy, using a pc program in all likelihood.

    Still, sooner or later, this elder should have figured it out and politely asked the kid to switch talks. No way do you put the kid up there to deliver the thing.

  • Ravyn

    My first talk in the school, when I was 6 years old and my grandmother was my householder was about the cursing of Canaan and his 'homosexual' act toward his grandfather Noah while he was drunk and got naked. THAT was fun.

    a little boy I grew up with had a severe speech impediment and he was given the Bible reading in Chronicles--nothing but names that no one without a speech challenge could pronounce properly!


  • Eyebrow2

    I had a good friend that had to give the masturbation talk; he was about 21 he was soo embarrased

  • freedom96

    I feel that no way in hell should a young teenager be counciling the congregation on marriage seperation issues.

    Simple as that. I do think the meeting overseer is a complete moron for allowing this. If he simply was not paying attention to the material, he is unfit for that postition.

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