What's The Worst Job You've Ever Had?

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  • shamus


    Love your avatar, by the way -

    I worked at Mcdonalds when I was 16. That says it all.

    I also worked for a hotel - Front Office Manager - which meant that I was in charge of everything that went wrong, and got reemed out for it. I quit that one, too.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Try cleaning out a septic tank with a pail,especially when you reach the bottom.

    Guest 77

  • hippikon

    Cleaning Toilets for a living as a pioneer and Cleaning toilets at the assembly hall because no one else would do it (And I was a fanatic at the time and thought it was a privilege from Jehovah)

    Had a serious psychological effect on me After the mock humility had worn off, and no one else stepped forward for this great privilege, I began to think that “This is all Jehovah thinks I’m good for”

    You can see why prozac is the new world drug of choice.

    I was actualy saved when I saw bro's and sis's snigering behind there hands

  • Francois

    When I was "between engagements" once back in the mid 70s, I worked for an elder in his apartment cleaning business. We cleaned anywhere from at lest 5 apartments to 8 apartments a day. I hated that job more than I have hated the next ten jobs all put together.

    And besides, the elder took the attitude that paying his share of FICA and all other gummint "contributions" was optional. He never paid his share of anything. He also had an electric meter he'd gotten via a little five-finger discount and stole electricity with it each day all day long to run his Binks airless spraygun and his 48" carpet machine. JESUS I hated that job.


  • Soledad

    I have never tried barracuda but I would like to, I love all fish and most seafood. Ever try shark fin soup? delicious!

    barracudas are attraced by shiny objects, so if you ever go swimming in the Florida keys be careful not to jump in the water with jewelry on! those fish have very sharp teeth

  • mattnoel

    I have had a lot of jobs - from Bank Clerk to Police Officer and now a Fraud Investigator but the worst job I EVER had was a Goat Herder in the mountains of Andalucia, Spain, sounds idyllic but it was hell on earth.

  • ikhandi

    I worked as a certfied nursing assistant in a nursing home for a very brief time while trying to put myself through school. It was the worst job I have had to do. Cleaning up crappy diapers and lifting heavy people was not my idea of fun. Thankfully it was only briefly. Now instead of cleaning up crap I rehabilitate people. Life is good

    Stand up for yourself even if your standing alone

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Being an elder's wife was the worst job I ever had....eeeekkkk!!!


  • DanTheMan

    Oh, that must have been awful Beck. Husband gone half the time for elder's meetings gossip-about-the-flock-sessions and shepherding visits get-the-attendance-and-FS-numbers-up-before-the-CO-comes-around-and-kicks-our-asses visits.

    Nice to see you beck bick!

  • Warrigal

    Worst job I ever had was back-raking horses who were going on stage during an opera performance. Its kinda like a septic tank, but the hole is very small and tight. Then the horse insists on squeezing even more.

    Working on a fishing boat was just about as bad.

    Yucky, Yucky jobs...all of 'em.

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