Is the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses REALLY the "faithful and discreet slave" of Matt. 24:45-47?

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  • TonusOH

    The GB also claims to be directed by God's holy spirit. If they get something wrong, they are not only blaming their imperfection, they are claiming that the holy spirit either misdirected them or abandoned them to their own judgement. Why would anyone trust them?

  • waton
    crossword puzzle where everyone agrees to solve the puzzle together and abide by the same rules. If you don’t, you are not part of the group.

    Now, that is a great illustration of wt/jws at work, resulting in everlasting life.

    false. it is really 8 million spectators watching the 8 players trying to correct their always wrong results, and staking their 8 000 008 lives on it. Take the example #1

    the current answer for " number for the generation of 1914 to end ?" answer: 2075 (2x age 101) - ( overlap 20 years x2) =162+1914 ~ 2075. -- example #2, wt answer:

    "word for 52 to 162 years?" wt answer: soon. wt writers are gambling with peoples lives, not funny, with stiff penalty attached, "Judgement will start withe the [socalled} house of God" aka beth-el.

  • ThomasMore

    If the GB is the F&DS, they only realized it in the last 10 years. That fact alone leads me to believe that they assumed the name w/o due appointment by the Master. They claim to have been appointed in 1919 after his return. HELLO! The slave Jesus referenced was appointed BEFORE he left (Matt 24:45). Furthermore, they did not take control over all his belongings until 2013 when they began to take ownership of all the KHs. There is speculation that they proclaimed themselves as the F&DS just for this purpose. As well, their actions demonstrate that any food they 'prepared' lacked genuine spiritual nutrition, something expected of a truly faithful slave. Not only was much of it wrong, it had to be recalled and served agin countless times.

    As for discreet, they are very secretive - but not discreet.

    In biblical times, a master with slaves might travel to do business and leave his slaves to continue the operations of the estate. The most responsible, loyal slave would naturally be appointed in the master's absence to oversee household and local business matters. The slave's discretion was a must since enemies of the master might seek to take advantage during the master's absence. The discreet slave would not reveal how long the master would be away. As far as the enemies (and the slave) were aware, the master could return at any moment. The slave would never march around saying that the master was coming home on a certain date. He kept his head down, did his work, thereby confusing any nefarious plans by the master's enemies.

    In contrast, the GB has trumpeted for 143 years that the master was arriving at any minute. They even pinpointed specific years and the month that they were certain would herald his arrival. When he did not, they beat any fellow slaves who spoke out about their lack of discretion. The false ideas gave enemies of the master lots of fuel to ridicule Christians in general, painting them with a broad brush. In 1925 and 1975, many fellow slaves left the household, convinced that WTC (and the GB in 1975) were clueless charlatans, despite being dogmatic.

    In the last 143 years, WTC has received billions in donations and had access to unlimited free labor. They have little to show for it other than some buildings (in severe need of maintenance), off-shore bank accounts, and countless broken families who cannot even speak with one another due to shunning. CSA consumes the majority of their discretionary spending as they settle more and more cases out of court. We could go on and on but what is the point? Back to the question in the post...

    Is the GB the F&DS Jesus mentioned in passing? Let the reader use discernment.

  • Vanderhoven7

    The faithful and discreet slave is every Christian who will hear Jesus say, "Well done my good and faithful servant!"

  • Fisherman
    faithful and discreet slave is every Christian who will hear Jesus say, "Well done my good and faithful servant!"

    That too, but the scripture specifically refers to a group of people with a divine assignment on earth at the time of the end.

  • punkofnice
    FM - the scripture specifically refers to a group of people with a divine assignment on earth at the time of the end.

    Where is that specifically stated?

  • peacefulpete

    Fisherman,,once that has been pounded into your head its hard to unlearn.

    However, the author of Matt (and Luke using Matt) utilizes the very popular parable of Israel being God's vineyard/field/household. (eg Isaiah chapts. 5 & 27, Ps 80) Though a series of parables, the author draws lessons utilizing this imagery. In Matt 21 Jesus says 2 parables, (21:28-46) the 2 sons in the vineyard and the tenants in the field in which the Jewish religious leaders appointed by God centuries previous are the target. THEY were the author's disloyal, faithless, workers/servants/sons. There is nothing to suggest the parallel parables in Matt 24 and 25 refer to anyone else. THEY, that is the Jewish religious leaders, failed to recognize the son's/master's arrival and were found sleeping, lazy, corrupt etc.

    Its key to remember the authors' of the Gospels did not have a 2000 year disappointment in mind. They intended the "delay" to refer to the long period of anticipation of Yahweh's return by his Messiah. For them all the events referred to in the parables, judging of religious leaders, the signs, the revealing of the Messiah's power etc. were to happen in their generation not in the distant future.

    It was centuries (and possibly an edit or two) later that the parables seem take on new meaning wherein the delay wasn't the wait for the arrival of the Messiah it was the 2000 years of disappointment that followed. The harvest wasn't imminent, it was thousands of years later. The parables lent easily to that misapplication that as long as you disregard the specific application of the parables to the Jewish leaders and the imminent judgement expressed in the same context.

  • Vanderhoven7


    Yes, and the Bible teaches the Faithful Slave would be a small group of men chosen in 1919 at Brooklyn headquarters and that every Christian would have to put their trust in these men since Jesus does, or be destroyed at Armageddon. It's obviously your moral duty to recognize this F&DS. Examine their record if you still are not sure.

  • BoogerMan

    CATHOLICS: Unless you believe in the holy trinity, you'll be eternally damned.

    JW's: Unless you believe in the governing body, you'll be damned now, and then eternally!

    Both use a spurious common denominator, which condemns them both!

    At least Catholics can live this life.

  • Fisherman
    Where is that specifically stated?

    I didn’t say specifically stated. All I said was “refers”.

    And there are good reasons to believe WT interpretation of the verse.

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