Accept flip flop beliefs....Jehovah is the one who is driving the Celestial chariot

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  • smiddy3

    Isnt their a scripture where Jehovah did change his mind ? I cant remember where.

  • Vanderhoven7

    God told Hezakiah to get his house in order because he would soon die. Then God gave him 15 more years because of his prayer. Isaiah 36 and also 2 kings 20.

    Also Nineveh was spared after God said it would be destroyed ... because the people repented. Job 4

  • eyeuse2badub

    It's damn comforting to know that the modern day governing body of jw's finally explained to Jesus what he really meant when he talked about "this generation". Now that Jesus knows, he can finally bring on Armageddon!

    just saying!

  • sir82

    He goes on to say that the Governing Body has a hard time following the Celestial Chariot just like all its members.

    Out of all the stupid things this numskull has said, this appears to be the stupidest.

    If they have a "hard time following" their own changes in policy and doctrine, guess what they can do?

    Stop changing policy and doctrine.

    Idiot. Deluxe idiot. The idiot that other idiots consider an idiot.

    What a dolt.

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