How many here believe the WTS really has has 8.5 million followers / 8.5. million members

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  • joe134cd
  • slimboyfat

    I came back to the thread, but mainly to read my own post again. I find that I enjoy going back and reading my own posts for some reason. It seems to relieve stress somehow. Reflecting on it, I think it’s because I usually tend to agree with things I wrote myself. Not always, but often enough to make it comfortable reading. I’ll probably come back and read this post tomorrow.

  • Crazyguy2

    I absolutely do not believe their number. I’m about 50 years old, when I was a teenager over 70% of the other teenagers left. I have a sister that’s 15 years younger then me. When she was a teenager again 70% or more of her peers left.

    There’s also a high percentage of young jws that after they get married also fade away from the troof. Now take also into consideration all the ones waking up, adults that are leaving, adults that aren’t waking up but just leaving for other reasons. Now add to that those dfd and DAd and there’s no way they have 8 million.

  • smiddy3

    Whats the big deal whether they have 8.5 million 10 million or even 20 million so what ?

    Is that supposed to mean that they have Gods Blessing upon them ?

    Other religions that started up about the same time as the JW`s have as many members and some many more.

    What makes me really laugh is they say Jehovahs Witnesses can trace their beginnings back to Bible times ?

    Oh Yeah ? and you only can count 8.5 million members today ?

    The Roman Catholic Church has a membership in the vicinity of 1.5 Billion members

    Islam that took roots some Centuries after Jesus being on earth can also boast about 1.5 Billion members

    If anyone wants to show figures like this as to whether or not they have Gods blessing then the JW`s are way down on the list in having Gods favour.

  • smiddy3

    Well if that is true joe134cd Jw`s are doing a pretty poor piss weak job of making converts to their religion these past 140 ? years they have been on the job.

    And I say this noting the amount of hours spent in preaching and distributing literature worldwide ,the amount of hours it takes to make one convert ,because thats what its all about really making converts.

    And I would go as far as stating that in todays environment with the internet their are more and more JW`s leaving the organization than ever before in numbers that are worrying to the Governing Body.

  • bobfish

    I dunno, I just saw the old hall up for sale. I know my mother is pioneering now but they still count my dad he's totally inactive ex elder and lies about his time each month. Now sure how he squares that in his mind, lol.

    I certainly don't see signs of any growth here in jacksonville, my mom talked me into going to memorial with her last year, made her happy and gave me an excuse to buy a new suit, (jeez how many years since I've worn a suit? Decade? Insert eye roll here!) So they had like 10 congregations together in a huge hall and they were ALL so old! Many that I recognized (I've been out for 20 years or so) but there were almost NO kids! No teenagers even all just tired old people. I mean I was looking for that intentionally and my god everyone was SO OLD.

    I looked around at this gathering and my first thought was 'yup, they are done...'

    On the time thing I turned in time for almost 5 YEARS after I stopped going out in service. Now 20 years back when I stopped entirely they took me off the count I'm sure but for literally 5 years I turned in 10-12 hours a month and never went out in service even one time, hell I was praying at the hall and was being groomed to be a ministerial servant... Wow now THERE is a word I've not thought about in at least 10 years, jeez... lol... Anyway they were grooming me to be a ministerial servant and NOBODY NOTICED that I NEVER went out in actual service, I just LIED about it.

  • Hotpepper

    I'm surprised a few old time posters here. Believe the WT is truthFULL in their 8 million. Numbers is all my 85 yr old he dad talks about. I asked him if the WT is growing so fast . Why did the WTS sell 2 local Hall's and still repairing an other closed hall for about a year.. that's 3 halls knocked out with in about 5 miles in NYC. One hall just sold for $1.3 million where is the growth. Did the WTC return some of the money you and your local brothers PLEDGED TO BUILD IT 30 YEARS AGO. it's all a scam .

  • Diogenesister

    Yes I think as Slim and TruthBKnown have noted, I think that it would depend how you define a JW. In terms of people who believe to a lesser or greater extent, it’s the ‘truth’? I think there’s definitely 8 million.

    If we’re talking how Watchtower defines a JW, attends most meetings and submits a FS report every month? I would say that number is less than they least in the North Western countries. However unfortunately I’d say many whom watchtower would term inactive still contribute financially.

  • jwundubbed

    if you count all the people who have left under the pretense of being 'inactive' then their number is probably conservative and they technically have many more members than that.

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