LDS membership figures inadvertently supports Wt as been true and accurate

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  • joe134cd

    Mormon membership reflects that of the JWs! It not only reflects, but it would verify that Wt statistics are true and accurate. Herein, are my reasons why.

    LDS general conference, which is the equivalent of the JW memorial, has an attendance of around 20 million ( that's people, who physically turn up). The church also allows live streaming for those who can't be physically present. However, the people choosing this online option is the unknown in this equation.

    Lets now look at 2 different scenarios for LDS general conference to see how this compares to the JWs:

    Scenario 1- has a physical attendance of 20 mill, with a further 10 million choosing to view it on line. Therefore, 1/3 attendees were unaccounted for as not being physically present. The total attendance figure of 30 million people.

    Scenario 2 - also has a physical attendance of 20 million, with a further 20 million viewing on line. That been 1/2 of the attendees been unaccounted for, due to not been physically there. The total attendance been 40 million people.

    Now before we all get carried away, and use this to prove how ineffective the JW preaching work has been because the Mormon's are so much bigger. There are a few things we need to be aware of regarding these totals:

    *The 30 and 40 million totals, would be a maximum rather than a minimum. The same could also be said for the 20 mill memorial attendees, been a higher rather than a lower figure. So let's say, for arguments sake, that the total was between the 2 scenarios at 35 million.

    *One could also speculate that if the JWs also allowed live streaming of their annual event weather they could produce a similar figure to that of the LDS. This is the unknown in the equation.

    *The counting methods, and the definition of what a member is, varies quite widely between the two faiths.

    It has been estimated that the activity rates for the Mormon church could be as low as 33%. Therefore, 35 million attendees x 33% = 11.55 million people ,who at the very least, attend LDS church services once a week.

    The point is this. when the LDS (11.5 million) is measured against the JW 8.7 average publishers. They are totally in range of each other, and totally logical. This is assuming that there were, in fact, 35 million LDS attendees. If anything, this would lend support that Wt is, in fact, telling the truth about its membership. These are, after all, to groups facing similar problems. The 2.8 million variance can easily be explained away, by the fact, that the Mormon church was established 50 years before Wt. If for example the LDS figure was indeed 11.5 mill, but the JW peak publisher rate was 40 million, one could justifiably have doubts. This just isn't the case.

  • Corney
    Where does the 20m figure come from? I was unable to find any LDS GC attendance numbers. Thanks in advance!
  • Crazyguy2

    I don’t see a connection? I sincerely believe both groups are lying and the jws probably even more so then the Mormons. All cults lie about their numbers! The jws right now are telling their followers about all their growth yet are sell off Kingdom Halls.

  • kramer
    Selling halls is not evidence of dwindling numbers, in urban areas it’s just common sense , consolidate 3 halls into one and now the hall is used 3 evenings a week not one, and frees up cash , it’s a no brainier.
  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Based on Matthew 24:14, do JW's individually and as an organisation tell the truth about their actual witnessing hours? (1 billion +)

    How is counting every minute of travelling time truthfully classed as preaching the good news?

    How is counting every minute of standing at a trolley and speaking to virtually nobody classed as preaching the good news?

    JW's normally work in pairs, with each taking turns at doors. How can counting every minute by both publishers be classed as honestly recording time time and preaching the good news?

    The Borg (and by extension) JW's just love the monthly reports. Even though the hours are fake.

  • Corney


    Yep, neither the fact that their figures are generally corroborated by census data, nor that they repeatedly reported bad and even disturbing numbers (e.g., Memorial partakers figures, Ukraine/Japan/Poland/etc. statistics) don't matter because you sincerely believe they are lying. That's how critical thinking works.


    The JW culture is one of appearances. Dubs are actively encouraged to guess at their field service numbers if they get behind or forget to turn in hours. Visibility is what counts in the culture. Do you have pedo leanings? Just be visible in service, and answer “No” when asked if you have ever been involved in inappropriate behavior of any kind by the Elders. Guess what?? You’re now a Servant!

    In a culture that encourages “theocratic warfare”, embellishing experiences, heralding the exploits of “Andre’” and making up service time, as long as you’re visible in service, how can we trust any figures they publish?


  • BluesBrother

    I am sure they are not going to deliberately falsify figures. When losses have occurred they have said so. When embarassing numbers of dubs partake the emblems, it is reported... Besides, this Organization leaks like a sieve, somebody would spill the beans

  • Hotpepper

    There is one thing for sure. The WTS print. One lie after an other. They don't know how to tell facts . So I believe anything they say

  • Vidiot

    They may not be actively, full-on lying about the numbers...

    ...but you can bet your sweet ass they are - at the very least - fudging 'em.

    Take any stats the Org sends out with a Gibraltar-sized grain of salt.

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