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  • Prester John
    Prester John


    Thanks for that story about American Football. This sort of thing goes on all the time, and young naive people are particularly vulnerable, as you know. In fact something like that happened to me when I was a kid growing up in the UK.

    For most of the 20th century, American Foorball was virtually unknown over here, being seen as another example of those 'crazy Americans'. You might get some brief highlights of the Superbowl on a sports programme, but the rules were never explained and so you literally had no idea what was going on. To a young sports obsessed kid like me it seemed unfathomable.

    That all began to change in 1982. Suddenly, the UK had a new TV channel, Channel 4 (4 TV stations- wow!).

    One of the programmes on their schedule was a new weekly NFL highlights show, with the rules properly explained and ex players as occasional guests. Now we could begin to understand all that was going on. And I was quickly hooked. American Football became another sport to talk about at the KH.

    But there was a dark cloud looming on the horizon. Our congregation had a Gilead graduate and his wife parachuted in, and this elder from Kansas clearly had an issue with American Football. He took me to one side on a few occasions telling me that it was wrong to watch the sport because it was so violent and that the brothers had been warned not to watch it.

    When you're 10 years old, you ain't gonna argue with a Gilead graduate. So I had to carry on watching the NFL for a long time with a sense of secret shame.

    It makes me sad when I look back that elders with authority can force their personal views on young and vulnerable ones in the congregation.

  • Vidiot
    Tate - "Story of my life. I started pulling rabbits out of hats. Then I started pulling hats out of rabbits. Next thing you know I'm Aleister Crowley."


    Harry Potter is a gateway drug.


  • Finkelstein

    Anyone who thinks that magic as its recognized today has something to do with evil spirit forces is ignorant and uneducated to the facts.

    Human created tricks do not have any connection to outside spirit forces, they didn't in ancient times as they dont today.

    But people who want to stir up fear about these supposed wicked evil spirits like the leaders of the JWS want to do so because they want people to think they will be protected by these evil spirits by adjoining them with their organization.

    From there they can be exploited and manipulated to their advantage

  • iwantoutnow

    OMG you can't imagine the FreakOuts because I played Dungeons and Dragons in Middle and High School (late 70's early 80's).

    The number of times I had to dig my Books out of the garbage.

    Somehow I never killed my cat, raped a girl, worshiped satan, or turned to a life of murder and drugs?
    Go figure???

  • blondie

    I noted a comment by a non-jw scientist, things that we take for granted now, technology, medical treatments for disease, etc., would be seen as "magic" many years ago.

    From the scriptures that jws accept, I wonder how many Jews thought that Jesus was practicing demon magic?

    Matthew 12:24

    22 Then they brought him a demon-possessed man who was blind and speechless, and he cured him, so that the speechless man could speak and see.23 Well, all the crowds were astounded and began to say: “May this not perhaps be the Son of David?” 24 At hearing this, the Pharisees said: “This fellow does not expel the demons except by means of Be·elʹze·bub, the ruler of the demons.”+


    Dubs are watchtarded. They can’t think for themselves. They have been conditioned to be stupid, so is it any wonder they must be spoon fed ideas??

    I knew an Elder who had a son DF’d for performing Magic/sleight of hand tricks.



  • smiddy3

    I remember many brothers Elders included who would go to the back of a stadium to hear the latest football scores .

    Here in Victoria Australia AFL is likened to a religion ,where a Grand Final between two teams can attract up to 100,000 spectators at the MCG.

    Years ago they had an attendance of well over 100,000 ,however safety measures are now in place where that is not exceeded.

    There are 18 teams in the competition ,usually 9 rounds each week except when there is a bye week.

    Normal round games during the year on average would be about 40,000-60,000.

    And we actually have a star player a Jehovah`s Witness who plays with Richmond who is currently sidelined because of injury.

    Even though he is in his mid twenties ,married to a sister he is not baptised so he flies under the radar .

    I hope they both wake up ,for the sake of any kids they will eventually have .

    I`m sorry to have gone off topic ,back to magic.

    I made my young teenage son destroy all of his KISS records ,I didn`t want any Satanic influence in my house .


  • peacefulpete

    Others have said it but for the record... Magic, whether ancient or modern, is not real. Magicians and fortune tellers were conmen and charlatans. The creating and selling magic tricks to temple priests to impress the believers was an ancient industry.

  • carla

    It seems it all depends on the current litter-ature. My jw recently enjoyed a certain show about magicians but then very abruptly gave it up. No reason, just would not watch it. I knew.

  • punkofnice
    ratty - Can you believe that people have to be told that the Bible is not against slight of hand magic tricks as if they believe demons are behind that?

    Yes. There was a sister(tm), in a congo-abongo-I-gregation that I was in, thought that all magic tricks were from Satan.

    Kind of, 'I don't know it happened, therefore, God or Satan'.

    She was a silly bird!

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