Stop Jehovah's Witnesses from posting outside of Disneyland

by Roberto Carlos 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Just fine, no, I don't think you were an idiot (not everyone is like me) but most people don't bother taking it up the hierarchy. I'm glad you did.

    Just curious to know, what did their corporate office have to say?

  • azor


  • baker

    I saw the JW,s carts inside the airport last month, however, I didn't ask American for a refund, I just ignored them and carried on with my business. To take it up the ladder to Corporate, shows intolerance, and in america there is tolerance for these type of activities, even if you personally vehemently disagree with them. The Op says "outside the gates" so corporate has no jurisdiction over them, so rather than start a freedom of speech debate, Disney would rather refund a few distraught customers , than bring the scrutiny of the media onto their parks.

  • azor

    Baker. We have just as much right to ask them to kick them out of a private park as they have to try and be there. Would you feel the same about scientogists, or a group like the Jones's or the Mansons. Your statement above shows how little you've thought this through.

    It is appropriate to be intolerant of a group that strips people of their tolerance and freedom. A group that takes advantage of freedom of religion and enslaves people through their shunning policy.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Even though I will get my head bitten off on posting this. There are two JW tables at Disney city walk thing. In fact Disney revoked permission from another organization and gave that spot to a the special metropolitan witnessing.

  • steve2

    If the JW cart is situated by a public thoroughfare, there is nothing you can do about it - UNLESS its presence contravenes city ordinances - in which case you do not need a petition because city bylaws are sufficient.

    BTW, beefing up a petition with references to the Australian Royal Commission is at best a well-intentioned but misguided scare tactic - and at worst, a mischievous ploy seen in earlier decades when Christian fundamentalists used smear campaigns to publically

    oppose JWs legal rights.

    I wouldn't sign your petition if you paid me.

  • azor

    Steve 2 is it the method he is using that you oppose or the idea of signing a petition to get thern removed?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I just recently found out there's a brother(elder) working the VA center in L.A Calif. I hope I run into him because it's the VA (Veteran health treatment center) I seek treatment.He served in the Navy 1954-1959, he told me he is helping Vets to get what they are entitled. Something is not right, an elder visiting veterans in a VA center. What is he up too??????

  • AnonVet

    The unverified word I've personally heard is that Disney prefers to hire JWs and a lot do actually work for Disney corporations.

  • joe134cd
    I'm probably going to get shot for saying this. But I find it ironic how every one is quick to trash Wt over its handling of pedophilia, free mason links and satanism, and yet Disney "Hey all good". Wouldn't it be better to notify the public about walt disney and stop their customer base, which would stop the foot traffic, which I'm turn would deminish the carts.

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