Mind Numbing Meetings

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  • minimus

    How did we do it???

    Without a doubt, JW life is boring. And those meetings! 5 congregation meetings, meetings for field service, elders meetings, judicial meetings, meetings to figure out who was qualified to clean the toilets....🤔

  • zeb

    and its bro whatever 'privilege' to open... the... windows..

    We did it as we had no creative hobbies or cultural pursuits like music, painting. No physical outlets like riding, hiking camping or fishing. Until we realized the aim of the wt was to keep everyone so busy they would not notice their life was taken over.

    meetings what about conventions! some talks were informative but only a few. The rest were drone on tragic examples of public speaking.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    How did we do it???

    "Without a doubt, JW life is boring. And those meetings! 5 congregation meetings, meetings for field service". . .driving in field service and having maybe one or two dollars thrown your way to help with gas, obeying the "headship principle" at home and in the congregation, pioneering, conducting "Bible Studies", personal study, preparing insipid talks and magazine presentations, studying with our children, dressing (shopping, laundry, ironing) our children for meetings and dragging them out at night when they should be in bed or doing homework, attempting to provide a social life for your children when they were seen as "bad association" because of your "marked" "unbelieving mate", providing food for and participating in spring and fall cleanups, serving meals to C.O.s, serving meals for RBC projects for months on end during 2 mold remediation renovations and 2 complete rebuilds, volunteering at assemblies and conventions and driving the needy to same, calling on and providing meals/doing chores for the sick and elderly, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the toilets. . . all the while working part-time "secularly" and being told it was never enough. 🤔

  • zeb

    Sail away.

    You are so correct. and all the while am reminded that the gb

    • dont go to work
    • dont have to handle the traffic
    • nasty bosses
    • idiot co-workers,
    • the up/downs of the economy
    • cost of living
    • the costs and problems associated with motor transport.
    • crime in the neighborhood
    • schools and the insatiable demands for kids to do homework
    • nor do they have kids.
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Yes, Zeb!

    Minimus, I'll tell you how I did it-- I jeopardized my mental and physical health. The JW life nearly killed me in the six months before I walked away. I had an Intensive Out-Patient hospitalization and was was admitted to the hospital for being over-medicated for PTSD and severe, recurrent clinical depression.

    It nearly killed our son and nearly destroyed my marriage.

  • scruffmcbuff

    I feel I repress alot of memorys from JDub times, and this forum often brings them back to light.

    Heres one thats just popped up, i was given the "privilege" of turning up early to remove the locks from the firedoors and then sat waiting to do the sound board.

    Looking back i was so proud and it makes me SICK. How did I let myself become so brain washed? Was we mentally weak to get in that state? Or was we mentally strong to break away?

  • minimus

    As was mentioned, we really had no other activities to engage in. Everything was bad or taboo so it was EXCITING to have the privilege of working at the Kingdom Hall for free.

    How embarrassing!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Mind numbing?

    Bum numbing more like

  • zeb

    SmB. Privilege? I was asked to do the mike thing once. It was hot weather and i did so in my shirt and was told I should have my jacket on. This jacket/suit thing has ever annoyed me. Sisters sit in bare feet or sandals and skimpy clothes the brothers are suited up to the max including little boys who are decked out as miniatures.

    Mentally weak? No,.. trusting and that trust was abused left right and centre. and re the windows privilege, I never did meet the windows brother. And the windows were rarely very rarely ever opened. This raises another point that jw seem to like meeting in kh that are non ventilated.

    "But it has air con." (eventually)

    Yes and that merely heats (yuck) or cools the air it does not remove the exhalate, the various body scents and smells. But jw like so many people find warm chew to breath atmosphere as comforting.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Thursday meetings were the worse.

    Not just for little kids, but for adults who had spent most of the week at work or looking after children or both.

    Then on top of that you had a double meeting that finished at half nine or ten in the evening.

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