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  • jonahstourguide

    Hi Folks.

    I put this in Practices as I thought that appropriate. Perhaps it should be in scandalous behavior.

    However, here goes. Not a big deal but an example of the cult-ish intimidation and behavior.

    At the end of this mornings short wt review prior to the convention brainwash by Jackson, ( Melbourne Australia) the elder stated "brothers we have a resolution to present to the congregation". He continued, " The ......... congregation of jws has resolved to send $750 to the worldwide work every month". Here's the 'clanger' ...... he went on, "we know it's difficult to pass resolutions with zoom so, if you don't agree please raise your hand and the elders will help you understand the reasoning behind this." A pause,,,,, "as no one has raised their hand we thank you all for your co-operation in this matter."

    I received a couple of phone calls from pimo and pimi folk I know saying 'WTF,,, in jw terms'. And asking,,"whom in their right mind would dare to raise their hand?" Ha Ha, Interesting times in my view.

    Cong of around 130 active publishers. about six bucks Au per head,,,,,,, That's not a tithe !?


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    So by NOT raising your hand, you've committed to pay a part of $750 a month. By NOT agreeing, you have agreed. Only raise your hand if you DON'T agree!! Incredible! Is that even legal?!

    The other thing is, they are contributing to the worldwide work, but there's no worldwide work even happening! Talk about redistribution of wealth!!

  • Diogenesister

    They’re such fools those elders. Don’t they realise by strong-arming people, they simply won’t pay....and the elders themselves will end up having to make up the short fall??

  • lastmanstanding


    Remember this LOL

    And what is being done is not ‘collection’.... LOLOL

    One problem that now appears, how to get the basket down the aisle...

    Publishers are asking ‘how do we contribute?’ ... we can’t go to the hall.

    I have been relating to some since years before Covid, how there would shepherding calls for the specific reason of getting bank account numbers and bleeding publisher’s accounts directly. Well, I think it’s about to begin,

  • hoser

    Just don’t give any money. Not your problem.

  • pistolpete
    hoser2 hours ago

    Just don’t give any money. Not your problem.

    There you go----simple common sense!

  • Overrated

    When I was in I never gave any money. No wonder I was not progressing in their eyes. But I liked putting scrap paper and buttons in the boxes at the kingdom hell. I could not understand why the all knowing, powerful Jeehober had trouble with getting money. Could he just turn stones to gold instead of hit up poor working people?

  • tiki

    Seriously!!!??!! That is ...bizarre. Let us know if you disagree so we can beat you with a stout stick. This religion just gets stupider and more ridiculous ....some of this stuff is hard to believe anyone takes them seriously.

  • chasson2

    My question is about the reality behind this amount of money. If your congregation used to have 3000 $ of donation by month, this is only a small part of the total. But if you only have 800 $, it is horrible.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It's difficult to pass a resolution on Zoom so if you don't agree, raise a Hoof or just say "Nay".

    (There'll be an elders meeting in the back (40) as soon as Trigger returns from "field"... service )

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