What does it take to qualify for cart/trolley work?

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  • Londo111

    If memory serves me, when it was first introduced elders had to fill out a form to grade a JW, and only those who made the grade could do the carts.

    I didn’t realize until Sir82 said something on another discussion that the process had changed.

    What is the process nowadays?

  • sir82

    Here is the relevant paragraph from the 2/26/17 letter to elders:

    8. Determining Who May Participate: The Congregation Service Committee will select qualified publishers to participate in this feature of the ministry. Those selected should be known to present themselves in a dignified way. Their appearance and dress should be professional, well-arranged, and modest. Those selected should demonstrate discernment and a willingness to witness in different public settings, should enjoy and promote good relations with others, should be committed to taking the assignment seriously, and should be willing to cooperate with the body of elders.

  • ShirleyW

    Wait a minute, is the same thing required for just knocking on doors or doing street work? I was a born in so since childhood I was always taken out in FS, but for a person studying for a while does the same apply, or you have to be an extra special kind of "uber witness smug" to sit in front of a cart and verbally tear apart the others in the Cong as the people on the street just walk by and don't pay any attention at all?

  • undercover

    Can you breathe? Own half way decent clothes? Good. You're in.

  • Londo111

    Yes, it's ironic that for door-to-door, even a person marked or reproved is obligated to do so. No matter the problems like poor social skills. Even convicted child predators are made to feel obligated...provided they don't go alone.

    But only qualified people who make the cut are allowed to sit or stand by a cart and take it easy.

    So I guess this is a "privilege", like microphones or working the soundbox--except women can do it as well.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, in the early days of the cart work, it was EXCLUSIVELY the "privilege" of very "spiritual" ones.... Nowdays locally, we see even the "plodder" witness who never answers at meetings or who has messed up families, who get to do the cart work!

  • stuckinarut2

    Also, how is that last line of the instructions??!!

    "Should be willing to cooperate with the body of elders"

    What does the that even mean!?

  • suavojr

    Londo said

    So I guess this is a "privilege", like microphones or working the soundbox--except women can do it as well.

    Yes it's a privilege! You know how easy it is to do time just sitting or standing. Just gossiping and having small talk with you buddy

  • pale.emperor

    Considering the fact that my mum has been doing cart witnessing since the start, it obviously takes very little bible knowledge and very little brain power. My mum couldnt explain the bible concepts but she can quote watchtower articals like you've never seen. The ideal drone for a cart.

    Plus, she likes Starbucks.

  • Gorbatchov

    In a Dutch newspaper article about the cartwork a JW representative said that there are qualifications because we don't want an old JW lady near the cart but a fresh atractive representative.

    When Gorby read this he was so said for the elderly JW. At the other hand, it was a quality news paper and JW don't read quality papers 😎 So, impact was low.


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