Why Are You Here?

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  • Believer

    Well I see one benefit that has resulted from believers being on this forum. It’s the wisdom you have gained in how to deal with those who oppose what you believe. The refining of faith through the fire, as Vidqun mentioned.

    GilesGray, you said:

    When we left we found our voice which had been forcefully muted by dogmatic believers. Some of us paid a high price for our freedom of speech and we are not about to lose it again.

    Yes, I understand that. But remember, believers were also muted by the same dogmatic believers. So a forum such as this is also the believer’s opportunity to regain their freedom of speech. They don’t want to lose it again either. Surely there can be some respect for that so that every time the words “faith” or “spiritual” or “God” are brought up, the believer is not chastised or ridiculed for it. They should be just a free to say ‘I believe in God’ without have to prove why to those who really don’t care why.

    Dubstepped, thanks. Great advice.

  • rebelfighter

    Thank you Believer and Dubstepped,

    I believe in God, I do not believe in Religion, I am very spiritual. Your right no need to prove why to anyone.

    Answer your question why I am here to keep informed about JWLand.

  • Simon

    Theist guide to online discussion:

    Step 1: announce your belief

    Step 2: declare it's all proven, link to some nuttery

    Step 3: claim persecution because people don't accept said nuttery and join in your beliefs

  • redpilltwice

    I'm here to find info, to read experiences and many times to learn from fellow ex-JW's/lurkers and their perspectives.

    As one member said, nonbelievers pounce on any semblance of belief like piranhas on prey.

    Don't you love them heated debates?!? By the way, do you know how to catch a piranha the easy way? Just dunk raw meat into the water. When they bite, shake them off into a bucket.

  • Simon
    They should be just a free to say ‘I believe in God’ without have to prove why to those who really don’t care why.

    You can say that you believe in god. You can't dogmatically assert that there is a god because you believe it.

    When you say "god is loving and blah blah blah" you are missing out an important and critical part: you choose to believe in such things. But the claim itself is simply empty.

    Don't pretend there is evidence - there isn't, that's why it's called "faith".

    Don't expect to announce something is proven that isn't and that it shouldn't be challenged.

    Don't make lame claims that you should be allowed to promote your beliefs under the guise of "freedom of speech"

  • Believer

    Redpilltwice said:

    By the way, do you know how to catch a piranha the easy way? Just dunk raw meat into the water. When they bite, shake them off into a bucket.

    Yes, and the fresher the better! LOL! Looks like they can’t help but bite, and then you know will who they are and who to avoid.

  • cofty

    So you all are agreed that the way forward is to carry on making evidence-free assertions and ignore all factual challenges. I remember what it was like to live in the echo-chamber of faith.

  • GrreatTeacher

    " I get upset when, first, people think they are not animals, and second, that they are better or superior to all the other animals. "

    That is the actual quote. Nowhere did I say that I can't stand people who don't believe they are animals.

    I don't have a problem with the people! I'm on this site to support other people. And, if I haven't said so yet, "Welcome!"

    It's the belief that bothers me; the belief, not the person.

    This inability to separate the belief from the person frustrates me to no end. It often leads to people misrepresenting others.

    As to why I'm here: to sharpen my critical thinking skills and to support others who are going through the misery of exiting.

    I had no one when I left and it was tough. So, I think it's really important to be the help that I didn't have.

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW, I come from an organization that when applying for membership the question is asked "Do you believe in a Supreme Being?" After that question is asked and once you are a member there are a few guidelines that all members do RESPECT at all times we never discuss Religion, Politics or Business as we are there to do charity work and we come from all walks of life and so we show utmost respect for each other. We have almost all religions, political parties and businesses represented. Women's and Youth organizations are highly regarded and given very powerful positions, they are treated with the upmost respect.

    Cofty and Simon, It is very hard for me to explain my beliefs it does not come from a book. Believer called it a 6th sense. I was raised, baptized, confirmed and married in the Lutheran Church. I have read several books over the years but 3 books left lasting impressions. 35 years ago I lost my son, I read "Why Bad Things Happen To Good People". This is why I do not blame God when things happen. It was the doctor that messed up and when my records were transferred the new doctor stated if you go to court I will testify on your behalf. Second book, The Shack. Third book, You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore.

    What I believe comes from no textbooks just from the heart.

    I believe if God had created Religion there would only be one religion thus all these religions are man made. How many wars would have been avoided?

    I believe God is love. I believe God wants us all to get along and love one another.

    I want to believe that God created all the beauty this earth to offer and aLL the beautiful voices people have when they sing praise to him.

    I have not had an easy life but I have been blessed with many joys in my life.

    God has carried me during the tough times and walked with me through the good times.

    Ps I do not believe in the Bible anymore

  • sparrowdown

    Why do believers stay here? Fair question.

    Could it have something to do with over 200 comments (and counting) across two new posts, over two and a half days?

    These sorts of christian verses athiest threads have an eternal life of their own (pun intended).

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