Why Are You Here?

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  • newcovenant

    As a believer and ex dub my main reason for coming here is only to read the experiences of those on their way out of the org . Many exdubs are done with god after leaving the org and why shouldnt they be ? The org never gave them the right tools in the first place .

    ps . and also OUTLAWS jokes which make me gaffaw daily .

  • smiddy


    If the Hebrew Scriptures ,Old Testament is not relevant for Christians , that is , it`s outdated and not relevant in our day for Christians why is it even a part of the Christian Bible?

    Almighty GOD inspired the Old Testament and gave his laws on everyday issues religious and social ,,to reject that either means GOD was wrong or he has had a change of heart .

    However the Bible states that GOD is the same today as he was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow , in other words he never changes. And he certainly can`t be wrong.

    Jesus Christ accepted and worshiped the GOD of the Old Testament and instructed his followers to do so also .The GOD of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament do not gel.together.

    Jesus said you only have to observe two commandments , so God burdened the Jews with eight other commandments that was not needed ,along with a multitude of other laws and requirements.

    Why am I here ? to learn , to see others point of view ,and to discuss issues that are brought up about religion and specifically JW teachings.


  • Landy

    WMF, It's obvious you dislike people who have a belief, but Believer is not trying you to believe what she believes at all. It is in no way a recruitment drive. If you feel people are pressuring you to do something by what they are expressing then just don't read it. You are jumping to stupid conclusions without any hard evidence.

    Believer, I welcome you here to this board to discuss anything JW related or belief in God. I am here to support you if you need it and so are many others.

    Kate xx

    I can just imagine you patting someones hand as you're talking to them.

    It's unbearably patronising.

  • DJS

    @Believer, from your opening salvo across our bow:

    "Jesus condemned the Pharisees because 'they traverse land and sea to make one proselyte and then made him a subject of Gehenna more so than themselves.’ At first I wondered what that meant but watching the progression of many exJWs evolve or devolve from blind faith to no faith seems to be the answer. Of course there are many who evolved from blind faith to true faith but those believers are relatively quiet here. "

    And you say you aren't here to preach. Bullshit. That is the only reason you are here.

    You judge all of us heathens, beating us with the jesus stick and by inference condemning us to Gehenna. Then you directly state that those of us who left faith (and obviously by faith you mean jesus/jah - more preaching) have no faith. Then you state that others have left JWdom to find the 'true' faith, inferring that 'no faith' is bad and also deserving of Gehenna I suppose. No faith in your belief system is clearly a reason for destruction.

    Then you judge us again by inferring those with 'true' faith are being bullied into silence by those with 'no' faith. And clearly in Believer's belief system 'true' faith is what Believer - and no one else on the planet - has. Excellent. A delusional, egocentric, narcissist here to preach to and condemn us heathen atheists.

    As Mr. Timberlake says, Go ahead, be gone with you. And take your maranatha papers, or whatever they are called, with you. You are here to preach and your spread your infection.

  • Ucantnome

    Why are you here?

    I don't know. I keep saying to myself that this is it. I won't read or post. Then I do. I think it's boredom.

    But this is my last post and the last time I look at this site I have hobbies

  • cofty
    this is my last post and the last time I look at this site

    No it isn't.

  • OnTheWayOut
    I'm wondering why believers remain members of this forum which is clearly hostile to believers.

    Once again, I find one of these threads when there's just so many pages. So I will just go right to answering the first post.

    If you keep your penis in your pants, nobody is "hostile" to you. If you take it out in public and wave it around, the reaction you receive will seem "hostile" to you. That's what many believers do with their beliefs- take it out in public and wave it around, then act surprised when people react negatively to their beliefs.

    Let me answer for Perry, clearly a believer. He posts stuff here about his undying devotion to Christianity and he scoffs at evolution and science. His main reason is not to convert us, but for us to convert him. He knows he went so far in getting out of the Jehovah's Witnesses and their false beliefs, but that he stops short of fully waking up to the facts about the Bible and Christianity. So he provokes arguments in the hopes that someone will finally say something to allow him to shake his faith. (Faith being defined as pretending to know something that you really don't know)

    I am confident that this will prove to be true with "Believer" also.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Oh, I could add- Believer, aren't you just the reincarnation of some old poster who was over the top as a believer and got banned from this forum? You know, as if they were waving "it" around too much.

  • flipper

    I'll add on a bit to Desirous of Change's comment - just to add a little lightness to the discussion. ( You know what they say about opinions ...........)

    Yeah, isn't it " opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. " ? There- I said it.

    Actually I kind of get a kick out of looking at everyone's ass, or excuse me looking at their opinions.

    Hey look- If I get involved with a discussion that I don't like or enjoy- I look at this board in some ways kind of like an Internet television set - I just change the channel and go visit other threads that might interest me in a more beneficial manner. I'm not the kind of person who has to have an answer for every goddamned situation or problem on the planet. I really don't take it THAT seriously.

    This board is great and helps people in many different ways . There are lots of multiple discussions going on with many different threads to broaden our horizons. I'm pretty irreligious, I know some people feel they need it- great- knock yourselves out - just don't push religion onto me and I won't push my " don't believe in God , anti-Christ views on you ". Agree to disagree, kind of my motto. I have tons of other activities I'm busy with in life to lose sleep over it. Like playing music and writing songs. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I come here because I was born in and raised a JW. In a way this is my original tribe which I had to escape from.

    I appreciate the different directions we have moved in. They say one man sharpens another.

    The common denominator we all have in common interest me.

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