I feel really, really sorry for those born into the Jehovah's Witness religion

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  • Giordano
    That's a bit OTT - there are members of religions in the world that treat their kids wickedly if they don't conform but JWs aren't included in that. Misguided and easlily led yes, wicked no.

    Sorry Landy the WTBTS and their obedient followers can be classified as wicked.

    One of the definitions of wicked is as follows:

    • Wicked.......intended to or capable of harming someone or something.

      Deaths from being prevented or discouraged from having a life saving blood transfusions is wicked. Jim Jones killed off all of his active followers...900 plus at Jonestown.....a one time event. At least 1000 JW's die every year because of an ignorant official doctrine since 1945............ at least 71,000 deaths. That's wicked.

      How many were affect by a decade of no transplants?

      How many were and are shunned for simply exercising their civil right to have freedom of religion or made a correctable mistake?

      How many JW children were thrown out of their homes at age 18 into a wicked world and left to fend for themselves?

      How many children were sexually molested by JW's who were protected by the Two witness rule and never punished left in place to molest over and over again?

      The list doesn't begin to end there...... all of these things were not loving or good or honest. Non were kind...... they were 'intended to or capable of harming someone and did'.

  • sparky1

    Thank you for this post, jambon 1. Sometimes being raised in a 'theocratic' household was pure HELL! Point number 5 really resonated with me. I never had children of my own, but had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with my non Jehovah's Witness girlfriend's grandchildren since they were born. They are now 17 and 20 years old. Looking at them from a objective standpoint, I could never even consider putting them through what I and my siblings were put through growing up. I watched each phase of their development and could not even conceive of making them do things that we had to do, which were highly inappropriate for our mental, emotional and physical life stage. No wonder so many of us born in's are so [email protected] up. (technically, I was about 18 months old when my mother started to study. Close enough for me to be considered a 'born in', I think) Again, thank you jambon 1 for giving respectful recognition and having empathy for this group.

  • jambon1

    Thanks for the remarks.

    Yes, I'd stand by my original term 'wicked'.

    And let's not forget those who are homosexual.

    Generally despised, looked down upon, made to feel dirty or evil.

    And then in the end, when you finally struggle to come out (often after years of emotional turmoil), your parents dump you forevermore. Each passing year your lifestyle is met with their scorn and disapproval.


  • 4thgen

    My parents were duped into believing that the end of the world was near. They believed that the religion they chose would save my life and the lives of those who would listen. In the context of saving a life, what is a missed birthday party or a Christmas gift?

    Yes, to be raised as a JW is restrictive and abusive. I am not raising my child as I was….but then again I know better.

    I’ve forgiven my parents and although I missed out on things, I understand their reasoning. I don't hold my parents or those that were tricked to the same standard as those who knowingly promoted a falsehood. As Jehovah's Witnesses we stood for what we believed and were valiant (and ignorant) in that regard.

    The people who should beheld accountable are those in power in the organization (past and present); who are aware of the falsehood and who wickedly manipulate the meek to promote their self interests, greed and lust.

  • Themdoubts
    My family has a long history entrenched in the witnesses, so other than myself and my siblings being born in, my parents were also! I look back and see how much of my youth was wasted and it saddens me so much. As it was all my parents ever knew, i don't feel animosity towards them as i do know that they did believe they were doing the right thing (1 is now awake with me!). Although, if i ever have children there will be no religion in my household and they will be free to be their authentic selves.
  • neverendingjourney
    5 - my parents never put the responsibilities of an adult onto myself as a young child.

    My oldest brother bore the heaviest weight in this regard and was the least equipped of the siblings to deal with it. He's a high-functioning alcoholic and has been so for over a decade. I believe that's the mechanism he found most useful to cope with the stress my mother put on his shoulders. In his case it wasn't just WT stuff, but my mom added to that by burdening him with all of her marital problems with my father who was rarely home because of his work.

    In my case, I remember being in second grade, having a crush on a girl and thinking "I can't go out with her. She's not a Witness. And besides, it's not like we'll be able to get married any time soon." Those aren't the normal thoughts of an 8 year old. Those are the thoughts of a child who has been trained to live and think like an adult from an early age.

    I don't remember ever really being an adolescent. By the time I was 13 I thought of myself as an adult, had adult responsibilities, and behaved like one. It's not a normal, healthy way to grow up.

  • pale.emperor

    At the time though it feels so normal. You look at your schoolfriends and the general public as "fools" for not understanding that armageddon is surely to come and destroy them all. How silly of them to be pursuing worldly hobbies and careers.

    How about this, as one raised as a JW, i NEVER got a lie in. You'd get up early for school each day, then Saturday ministry and Sunday meetings. And at circuit assembleys and conventions having to sit there ALL DAY not understanding a word of and only looking forward to the lunch break and home time.

  • sparky1

    Wow.....neverendingjourney, your brothers experience is similar to mine in regards to my mother. She placed burdens on my shoulders and those of my siblings that we had no concept of! Watchtower foolishness and her emotional instability combined made for an almost unbearable childhood. Your 'experience' with your 8 year old 'admirer' ripped my heart out ( I'm having a difficult day at work anyway). I had the identical experience as you! In the second grade, the little blonde girl that sat in front of me was constantly talking to me, drawing pictures for me, and bringing me presents. I thought that she was a beautiful angel! I finally blew chalk in her face to get rid of her because I knew that Jehovah and my mother would not approve of a 'worldly romance'. How [email protected] twisted is that! At any rate, most of us born ins were forced into a condition of pseudo maturity and have been working to overcome it our entire lives. In my twenties, I worked for and became business partners with a 'worldly' person who had personal experience with Witnesses although none of his family were involved. He used to say to me: 'Jesus Christ Sparky, it seems to me that you were just born old!'. And that is how I always felt. It reminds me of what Carl Jung once said of himself: 'I am the eternal son of the mother. I was the mythological 'old man' in my youth and now as an old man I shall live my mythological 'youth'.' The good thing about my life experiences is that although I never became an 'alcoholic', I did become a 'workaholic' and that work ethic allowed me to semi-retire at 47 years old.

  • Ding

    As obnoxious and condescending as JWs can often be, reflecting on many of the things covered in the OP helps me have compassion on them.

    They are victims and the vast majority don't even know it.

    Those who do know it usually need help to escape and reclaim the rest of their lives.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my 3 ( all grown up ) kids are 4th gen born ins.

    my older son--now 40--had a disastrous marriage to yet another dubbess nutcase. 2 kids and a very expensive messy divorce later--he decided the cult was not for him--and made other arrangements.

    this resulted in his d/effing--and subsequently a secong marriage to a very understanding wife--and later a new baby boy

    the thing is--this little boy will likely never know his grandmother---my sons mother--my exwife. she shuns her son. all because she follows the cult instead of her head.

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