How Many Of You Knew Something Was Really Wrong Growing Up JW? What was Your First Clue?

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  • enoughisenough

    Biahi, When I get my head into to it, I think I have 2 books to write. Your story about being left out in the D2D while others went to break--just awful! What did your parents think. If you had been my child, I would never have let that slide. I hate injustice. There was a family who had 2 kids and they would go to break...they would maybe even buy a cup of coffee for someone else in the group and absolutely nothing for the kids... I don't treat my dogs like that!

  • Biahi

    I don’t think it was a money thing, for some reason my parents were not out in service that day, I think that elder was trying to “teach me a lesson”, and he succeeded. But, it wasn’t the lesson he meant. Lol 🖕

  • truth_b_known
    1. In the early 90's when the Watchtower changed its stance on alternative service in lieu of compulsory military service. How many JW men went to prison for no good reason?
    2. In the early 2000's I learned that there are Circuit and District Overseers who seek out those who profess to be of the Annointed to persecute them with the goal of disfellowshipping them.
    3. When I found out 17 years after my father moved the family the new Presiding Overseer feared my father (someone who professes to be of the Annointed) would take his place and told the congregation privately not to associate with us.
    4. Kepler's Law makes Noah's Global Flood physically impossible.
  • enoughisenough

    truth_be_known " In the early 2000's I learned that there are Circuit and District Overseers who seek out those who profess to be of the Annointed to persecute them with the goal of disfellowshipping them"

    can you tell more on this subject?

  • Dagney

    As a kid the science I was learning in school made me question all the idiotic crap that we were taught from the Paradise book. The Bible stories, Garden of Eden, talking snake, Noah's ark were especially difficult for me to buy even as a kid.

    It took the generation change in 1995 to finally confirm years of doubt of the ridiculous doctrines.

  • truth_b_known


    My father became a JW in his late 20's during the 1960's. He immediately professed to be of the Annointed. After marrying my mother, my parents were accepted to Gilead. However, after reporting to school my mother found out she was pregnant.

    My father was an elder from as far back as I could remember. He was always the Presiding Overseer. He was invited to give talks and the Memorial Talk everywhere. Sometimes as a kid I had to attended 2 Memorials as my dad gave the talk to the first and then the later Memorial.

    My dad moved the family to another state and things went downhill. About 13 years later my dad confessed to me that things would have gone downhill if we stayed. The Circuit Overseer we had just received in our home state back in the late 80's had a reputation for singling out JWs who professed to be of the Annointed. He would pressure the local bodies of elders of the Annointed person to do whatever they could push that person out. My dad personally knew 1 brother and 1 sister who were disfellowshipped as a result of this.

    I saw it again in the early 90's. The District Overseer we had in the 1980's at the same time was now the District Overseer in our District. Almost immediately he told our congregation elders that my father was to have absolutely no privileges outside of answering and field service. No explanation was given.

    It was difficult because I was a Ministerial Servant in the congregation at that time and attended the same book study as my dad. I was ordered that if I had to conduct the book study (which was almost every week at that time) I was not to use my father to read. The problem was that often my father and I were the only 2 brothers present. I didn't want to embarrass my dad by having one of the sisters there read instead of him. I chose to just read myself. It was miserable.

  • enoughisenough

    truth_b_known...thanks for sharing, but that is a horror story...

  • LongHairGal


    Even though I was ‘grown up’ at the time, that 1995 Generation teaching was the proverbial last straw for me as well.

    I remember being at the hall and feeling like somebody punched me in the stomach. I felt they were just stringing people along and insulting their intelligence.

    I also didn’t like how the information was presented in the article like it wasn’t so big a deal. But, it was certainly something..I knew in that instant that my time in the Witness religion was over and I planned my ‘Fade’. I’ve been out over 21 years. Should have done it a decade sooner. I despise them.

  • punkofnice

    As apre-teen. One day I was in the living room (I remember it to this day for some reason), and I got an uneasy feeling. I thought, 'why did god pick me for eternal life, out of all my friends at school; all my wonderful relatives; just because my parents are JWs?'

    I struggled all my life to be a JW because it felt wrong, unchristian and devoid of any meaning.

    I guess my parents did what they thought was best for me but I kind of have a bit of resentment toward my departed Dad for being duped by the filthy, disgusting, spiritually and morally bankrupt Jehovah's Witness(tm) abusive cult.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i wasnt a born in--mom got religion when i was about 9 years old. She took me to some meetings--and out of school assembly, from when i was 11. I hated that. got baptised at 14, next to my dad--to please them both. The only "studying" i did was the big pink paradise book. I thought the whole thing was nonsense. I left school at 15--and would have left home--and the crackpot religion--- if i could. Took a few years but i finally got out.

    I realise some folk need a god--and good luck to them--but i dont.

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