Drastic Upcoming Changes? (accelerated by the pandemic)

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  • asp59

    Whole society is making big changes in technology and robotics. 5 year's from now we probably see Macdonald with much less employees. The organization can recibe donations online. If they keep counting hours for pioneers, it can be done online. The real preaching work for years now has been done by JW.org. Door to door has been mostly the big campaigns to invite the public to assemble. They invited everyone in the district. But when you visited the assembly, you saw mostly JWs there 😁

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    It's a given that WT has backed itself into a corner with its hardliner, hardcore cult practices & behavior over the past many years...& this pandemic has not helped in any way. The amount of JW youth who are online stumbling across YouTube channels created by other XJW youth is getting increasingly worse for WT to defend against. Add to this the high number of JWs in their 20s, 30s & 40s who also are frequenting XJW online sites & getting a crash course into the dark side of their own religion is very damaging to the growth and advancement of this organization.

    So yah...WT not only has to...but will need to make some drastic changes to maintain acceptance just by its current members.

  • slimboyfat

    I think WT will emerge weaker and smaller, but they’ll essentially go back to meetings and ministry as before. With the successful rollout of vaccines, this may happen as early as the autumn in many places.

  • john.prestor

    They'll be back to knocking on our doors soon enough.

  • WTWizard

    As with those big or grand boasting sessions, they will keep all the costs and drawbacks while taking away all the benefits. You will have to donate whatever you would have, in their opinions, paid for travel and motel rooms (and Israel missions). You will still have to dress up in a suit and waste the whole day (or days, as the case may be). Whatever rules made it miserable in person will also apply while you are on Zoom.

    What will be missing is whatever fun, however muted, a physical trip would have been. No more seeing the opposite sex outside your little circle (and, if you go outside, you will be hounded to death). No more fun of having a physical trip (just the work). (And yes, the vaccine for coronavirus, along with all the cancer, type 1 diabetes, and auto-immune problems, will be mandatory under disfellowshipping for not getting it.)

    This is it--the jokehovian witlesses will be under full Noahide Law. Along with being strict against "idolatry" and blaspheming joke-hova (deservedly), their marriage partners will be picked by the hounders. And always going against who the partners may be attracted to. As for loosening up the rules, that is just to get people to think things are getting easier. All lies. You transgress against their rules, they ruin all facets of your life. While getting your head chopped off now is not legal, they will impose strict disfellowshipping. And, once Komodo Dragon Harris gets full presidency (and, after that thing's two terms, Maxine "We Must Get More Confrontational" Waters), it will be amazing to see how quickly they legalize beheadings for Noahide Law violations.

  • joe134cd

    Going on line would certainly have it benefits, with regard to been liable for CSA, DFing, no blood Put a subscription fee to access JW org and that would solve their money and liability woes.

    The problem with being totally on line, is they lose control. Not even 12 months of been on line, and already they have sent out an elders letter sanctioning independent zoom groups. They should be thinking long and hard if they decided to sell up and run with the money.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i suppose it is just possible that the GOV body, their flunkies and other deluded hangers on all think it really is " the Truth " and will enact various measures to restore it all to its former misery.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I have heard a few say they are not looking forward to going back to meetings. even with the drawbacks of zoom.

    What is lacking is a lucid doctrine and variety in meetings.

    The big production videos are a bit entertaining, the shorts are somewhat insulting. Jade was pretty, neta attractive; Jonah seemed to be idle rich, and his sister would have been married 10 years in that culture

  • Rocketman123

    1. Permanent Ending of In-person Meetings

    2. Sale of all (or most) Kingdom Halls

    Highly doubtful , the WTS heads know by doing something like that they would break apart the organization to nothing.

    Part of being a JWS is close association in a social environment unto themselves.

  • iXav

    road to nowhere
    30 minutes ago

    I have heard a few say they are not looking forward to going back to meetings. even with the drawbacks of zoom.

    That is like someone leaving an abusive relationship and longing to go back because he/she is lonely and temporarily forgets the reason why he/she left in the first place. Elderly JWs are bored and will want to go back for the social interactions since, the Zoom things is just not cutting it. These same elderly ones will later appreciate Zoom when they have to travel at night or during bad weather.

    Most JWs miss the social aspects but don't want the hassle of always travelling. If there is a mixture of Weekday Zoom and Weekend physical presence, that will really be blessings from Yahweh.

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