Will God resurrect our beloved pets? What do you think?

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  • redvip2000
    a God of love -- would refuse to resurrect an animal that we had become so attached to.

    More importantly, why would God make animals to die only to resurrect them? That doesn't seem like great planning.

    You could perhaps make the argument that in the case of humans, the fairy tale about Adam and Eve is the basis for humans having to die. But animals are outside of that scope, which mean that if they are dying, which they are, the plan of your imaginary god is that they remain dead.

    And why would dogs and cats be the only ones to be resurrected? A fair god would resurrect all animals, boy that can get complicated.


  • Cadellin

    Well, I no longer believe in a resurrection or any of that but even if I did, our planet is not big enough to hold all the resurrected dogs and cats!!! Yikes.

  • EverApostate

    God is an imagination

    Resurruction is wishful thinking of humans

    Pets are real but once they are gone its all done. So are we.

  • cofty

    The natural world is perfectly designed to maximise the suffering of conscious creatures.

    For millions of years every animal that has ever lived has died from hunger, disease, predation, exposure or parasites.

    Evolution has produced a world of amazing lifeforms - none of which would be possible without wholesale death and destruction.

    Sorry if that is not comforting but the reality of nature far more awe-inspiring than the Watchtower's Disneyesque parody.

  • JoenB75

    Hi Pallbearer,

    Nothing in the Bible says we will have pets in heaven to my knowledge. Jesus did not die for them om individual basis. But remember we love pets because they reveal comfort and love to us, they are at best blessings to us. We will experience those things perfectly in heaven.

  • Finkelstein

    Human imagination combined with emotions can be created so appealing if you really desire and want them to be.

    I would like my pet guinea pig back that I had as a child as well as my pet dog.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    In terms of the Bible, even what it says regarding humans living forever isn't exactly clear and is the subject of much heated debate so imagine how unclear it would be to use the Bible to find out about the eternal fate of animals. I'm sure if there was anything in there about that, people would be all over it.

    As kids, the JW's used to entice us to be good so we'd live in the new system and have our very own pet Lion or Panda or Dolphin. I remember I was pretty upset when I found out that the animals in the new system wouldn't live forever. I couldn't imagine losing beloved pets for all eternity.

    I wondered how God could allow the animals to grow old, get sick and and die. What did they ever do? Then I learned that the kids at school would be destroyed at armageddon if their parents didn't become JW's and even us JW children would be destroyed if our parents weren't good enough JW's. I figured that if god would kill kids just because their Mother or Father did something wrong then he surely wouldn't mind letting their pets and other animals die as well.

    It was a messed up way to grow up and it left it's mark on me and it's no wonder I was plagued with anxiety until I left the JW's when I reached middle age. It was a blessing to leave all those silly man made notions about God behind.

    Having had many pets over the years, I've learned (the hard way) not to project my worries and sentimental feelings onto them. Animals aren't comfortable when they are doted on too much and it makes them weird and spoiled. Unlike us, animals live in the present moment. They are hard wired to preserve themselves alive but they aren't aware that they will die one day. They are blissfully unaware of their own mortality. They do not think about the past or worry about the future. They are not sentimental about things the way we are. As long as they are warm and fed and have a place that feels safe, they are satisfied. How lucky is that??

    I think you should enjoy and care for the animals that come into your life and rest assured that they are at peace and were lucky to have known you and they weren't troubled one bit about their own eternal fate and neither should you be about theirs or your own. If there is a God and he does have good things in store for mankind, there's no reason you shouldn't be part of it as well (especially if you love animals). You should do the best you can for his creation within your own scope and leave the rest in his hands. That's all you can do and that's good enough.

  • redvip2000
    Nothing in the Bible says we will have pets in heaven to my knowledge. Jesus did not die for them individual basis

    The minimum Jellohoba could have done is to send down a poodle with a hippie mentality, that could cure rabies, walk on water, and ultimately be euthanized so that all dog sins be forgiven.

  • EverApostate

    I reared some pet golden fishes when I was a school kid. All are long gone now. Wish they are resurructed

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I remember that we believed that the Ransom sacrifice of Jesus only covered humans, so animals wouldn't be resurrected.

    Anyway one day while out in the ministry with our visiting circuit overseer we got into a good chat with a householder. After listening to the promise of a new world, he asked "I have a favourite horse, it's my pride and joy. To me it wouldn't be paradise for me if I couldn't be riding my horse there. Do you think that if my horse died it would happen?"

    So I was thinking how do I tactfully say to him "no" without getting bogged down, when the circuit overseer (much to my surprise and open mouth) chipped in immediately with "of course your beloved horse will be with you in paradise. Here's the Bible scripture which proves it."

    And he proceeded to open his Bible and read the verse in Psalms about God opening his hand and supplying everyone's heart's desire.

    When we walked away I challenged him on it. But he was adamant that if that was this man's desire God would fulfil it for him, although he did add "it might not be the exact same horse, but it would be the closest copy possible to satisfy that man's needs" in the New World.

    But years later when I was PIMO I figured the C.O. probably would have said anything if he thought that by doing so, he could get the man to agree to a Bible study...

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