Even if it's not the truth, it's still the best way to live

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  • Gorbatchov

    The resoning is the same logica:

    "Hitler was not that good but he protected Europe prevented it for taking over by communist."


  • OneGenTwoGroups

    If, The best way to live = shunning family members, fomenting homophobia, no higher learning, dead end jobs, celibacy for single people, not celebrating birthdays, and on and on and on ....

    I don't think so.

  • smiddy

    Good post Simon, so by their reasoning a catholic who is a conscientious objector would fit their criterior as would an Adventist who wont take up arms against another human being in war or a member of the Salvation army who wont participate in warfare.

    And I am sure their are other religions who would fit that criterior.

    However all of the above do engage in humanitarian/ practical works that benefit mankind and not just give lip service and an excuse for a magazine as Jehovahs Witnesses do .

    So Jehovahs Witnesses have nothing to crow about.

  • jwleaks

    JW: Even if it's not the truth, it's the best way to live.

    REPLY: Unless you're one of the tens of thousands of JWs who have lost a loved because of the 'no blood' policy.


    Of course any kind of lifestyle that has a decent moral ingredient to it, respect for law and order, discipline etc... probably increases people's chances of doing better in life, but they don't have a monopoly on it.....Simon

    I was thinking about all this, when I saw you posted about it..LOL!!..

    The Truth Is..

    Most JW`s are not Moral..

    When you can knowingly hurt someone else, simply because it benifits you..

    Your F*cking Evil..

  • Phizzy

    JW's morality is what the GB says it is, they do not have a Moral Compass of their own.

    Much of what they are commanded to do is in fact immoral, shunning, throwing away their lives for lack of a Blood Transfusion etc etc

    A better way to live is doing as much good for others as you possibly can, and do the least harm that is possible for you, by whittling down your lifestyle.

    We all cause harm to others, by using fossil fuels,by supporting sweatshops that produce our clothes and slave labour that produces our food etc etc.

    We can only minimise these things to a certain level.

    The good we can do depends upon our circumstances, many good and kind things can be done for free.

    JW's do nothing for non-Witnesses that is of real benefit.

    That is not a good way of life.

  • Finkelstein

    Tell that to the thousands of JWS to date who forfeited their life upon refusing a blood transfusion.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Even if it's not the truth, it's still the best way to live - and the WTS falls down even here.

    If you're at school and are asked what career you want to have or what job you'd like to do, and you answer 'window cleaner' or 'janitor' then the WTS is for you.

    However, most people have dreams and goals that the WTS ruthlessly and heartlessly crushes.

    Lots of people 'in' have been denied higher education or sports careers because of this cult.

    Not taking hard drugs, not having unprotected sex with strangers is good, sure, but you don't need to be a JW to figure that out ...

  • nicolaou

    We've all heard that sentiment before but have you ever thought how hypocritical and selfish it is?!

    (1) The JW's relationship with God and Christ.

    If a JW accepts the possibility that they don't have 'the Truth', then shouldn't such a person who calls himself 'Christian' put the organisation behind him and search elsewhere? Does that person hold Jesus sacrifice as of so little worth that they are effectively saying; "sorry Jesus, I know it was pretty awful on that stake and you went through all that suffering for me but I'm quite happy here in this little misguided bit of false religion and I'm staying put. Hope you don't mind."

    (2) The JW's relationship with the public.

    Again, if the JW has reached the point of accepting they may not have 'the Truth' then surely it is selfish and hypocritical to present that information as a life saving message?

    If your only motivation for going out in field service is to spend time with your friends or to preserve family relationships which you understandably value - well! Never mind the poor buggers at the doors whose very lives you may be risking, or whose marital harmony you might be destroying. Never mind those poor children whose university education you've just jeopordised. So long as you spend an hour or two with your friends and have a nice cup of tea at the end of your service then it's all worth it isn't it?!!

    (3) The JW's relationship with family members.

    Do I even need to write anything here? How can a JW who is capable of accepting that the Truth may in fact not be 'the Truth' shun a family member? Only because of hypocritical self-interest.

    I know, I know. They are victims too, they have been misled by masters of cult propaganda just as we all were. But there are so few excuses for ignorance now. Sometimes, you just have to tell it to them like it is.


    (adapted from an earlier post)

  • stillin

    1Corinthians 15:19.

    "If in this life only we have hoped in Christ, we are most to be pitied."

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