When exactly did Jesus become king? The Insight Book tells us.

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  • venus

    It is taught that he died to free us from the bondage to sin, and yet sin continues to rule over us. If this never happened, it means his becoming king too is not going to happen.


    Sorry, I am not up on all of the JW publications, but I'm pretty sure that the 3 wise men came to honor the newly born Jewish king that got Herod all bent out of shape. So, a king from birth at least?

  • eyeuse2badub

    Jesus; "WTF dad, when am I actually going to become King? All these damn dates for me to start ruling even have me confused!"

    Jehober; "Wait on jehober"! " Sooooooon" "It's just around the corner". Now do you understand son?"

    just saying!

  • blondie

    Listener, just quoting what the WTS says not my belief. It shows why it is so hard for the rank and file jw to know what they believe. Another example: is Jesus only the mediator for the anointed or for all jws?

    BTW I am fine and have always been fine. I just want ex-jws to examine their motives/agenda to be sure that the first and most important concern about how sexual abuse is handled by the WTS is not a point for bringing the WTS down but to help those abused to find help and support. Second, dealing with abuse legally can be done by getting involved in strengthening the laws in your own state/province/etc to help those abused and to catch and put abusers when they cannot prey on children.

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz
    I know the guy that wrote the insight books and he was awake at the time. I think he was doing his best in writing this stuff but not going completely back over to the dark side.

    CrazyGuy, seriously? It's well known that the team who wrote Aid to understanding were awake. But the guys who made this "update" too? LOL the current GB probably will avoid even thinking of the existence of a Biblical Dictionary of their own.

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