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  • Jrjw
    I was just sitting daydreaming about answering up during a watchtower and exposing one of the lies the wts has stated in the study material and wondering what the reaction would be 😊 has anyone ever done this on their way out??
  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone
    At one of my final meetings, I answered a question about something deep and said 'frogs'. That's how little I cared by the end.
  • scratchme1010
    ...wondering what the reaction would be 😊 has anyone ever do be this on their way out??

    If you are a JW, I'm quite sure you know well what their reaction will be. I didn't do any of the sort on my way out, but I did quite a few nasty disrespectful things.

    I witnessed a couple of times people doing similar things.

    I think that regardless of what the action is, their reaction is going to always be the same. They are brainwashed to believe any combination of the following (and/or act accordingly):

    1. You became an "apostate" (their lingo) and whatever you say will be dismissed as "apostate talk"
    2. They will use it as a way of "testing" their integrity to their believes
    3. Leadership will use it to their advantage, setting you as a bad example; from that point on, forget about any good reputation you ever had with them
    4. If it's not done in a disrespectful, disorderly manner, the elders may contact you for some kind of JC and the result (at least in their minds) will not be in your favor

    The end result, I can guarantee you, is not going to be you leaving a mark or becoming memorable. If at all, you will be ridiculed or cited as a bad example, or as an example of how their "Jehovah" maintains his people united in spite of your "attack".

  • Jrjw

    I wouldn't actually do it despite how tempting it is, I was just daydreaming about saying something that would plant a seed in people's minds before officially leaving lol

  • MrRoboto

    Maybe you could weave a morsel of truth into a comment by contrasting the truth with what "we know"and spinning it into a positive.

    For example "even though the Australian royal commission found over 1000 unreported cases of child sexual abuse in Jehovah's witnesses in Australia, we know that Jehovah knows how to keep his house clean"


    "even though the (cite year/month/mag) said that disfellowshipping is a pagan practice with no biblical basis, how thankful we can be for this loving provision that helps Gods people stay clean today"

    Probably still get pulled into the back room but if you do it with enough ambiguity, you might be able to pull it off without DFing

  • sparrowdown

    To get away with something llike this effectively you would have to use their own WTspeak in a way that didn't set off apostate alarm bells in their delicate little indoctrinated brains. Then say something that on the surface sounds like it belongs to the paragraph but with just a little thinking (cos remember Jduds don't think) it becomes obvious the comment is actually a criticism or posing a - shock horror gasp - critical thinking question.

    Then pick up your stuff and calmly walk out while their collective brain first makes the sound of crickets but then one by one pennies start to drop and they start thinking "hang on a minute .."

  • ElderEtta

    Mr Roboto -- excellent examples and there are probably a slew of others

    Sorry about the spelling of your handle but my Android tablet insists he wants to correct it its own way

  • Diogenesister

    This is the classic talk where a fading elder was accidently called to give a talk as he had somehow been left on their rota, so he gave an apostate talk

    WoW! Apostate Brother gives Accurate Biblical Tal…:

  • waton

    You can always use Old Light doctrinal facts, if related to the paragraph's theme, and point out "--how blessed we are now to understand better, and looking into the future how even better and brighter light will be provided through the appointed channel. Giving proof of spirit guidance we can trust--" and on and on.

  • Listener
    ElderEtta - Sorry about the spelling of your handle but my Android tablet insists he wants to correct it its own way

    What makes you think it's a he, sounds more like a she to me ;)

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