Do You Ever Say Prayers At Mealtime Anymore?

by minimus 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • gumby
    If God is responsible for the food at the table, who is responsible when there is no food and the family is starving? Who would you thank then?

    Well said Undecided..........which is why I don't pray anymore.

    Everytime I start to pray I just feel like an ass. I always think of the billions and billions of prayers that are not answerd, and all the starving, hurting people in this world who prays and not a damn thing changes for them. What the hell is the use?

    I'll say this.......not having a daddy in the sky anymore has messed me really sucks


  • rocketman

    hey gita, great pics - of one of my all-time favorite Trekisodes no less. I loved the Gorn and his breathing. When my daughter's allergies act up, sometimes I tell her she sounds like the Gorn.

    Oh anyway, with regard to prayer, prayer was always a weak spot for me in my theocratic armor. I'd pray a bit here and there, but always feel guilt, even over the littlest stuff. Finally, I just phased it out after the Kirk prayer.

    When my daughter was young, I used to pray at her bed side with her at night. That ended when she told me that my prayers were boring. We still laugh when we think back to those days. I'd have these long pauses as I tried to grasp for something to say. It was like: Jehovah God.....thank you......for....uhm....the nice day we had......and, uhm....

  • rocketman

    Ken P. I think you make a very good point. Kind of gets into an area that I wonder about often - like when people thank God they survived some incident in which others perished, like a plane crash.

  • Blueblades

    Hi MINIMUS,No,Idon't pray anymore at all.I don't know who to address:I don't know God,I don't know Jesus.I can't talk to an abstract being that I am not aware of.And who has not made me aware of his presence.I can't go by the Bible anymore,and I have no personal experience otherwise,so I don't pray anymore.

  • minimus

    These comments are sobering. I hope I do not lose my reationship with God.

  • BadJerry

    We still do as a family at mealtime, directing it to the Father, and I also say a prayer with our youngest son at bedtime.

    from IMANALIENTO logging on to hubby's ID

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Afraid God and I haven't spoken in years. I think he lost my number.

  • SpunkyChick

    Interesting thread Minimus. When I was a JW I'd say the same things in my prayers. It's kind of embaressing to admidt, but it hasn't been until this past week I've stopped praying for God's forgivness of my sins. I don't pray before meals. The only time I find myself praying is at bedtime and I'm currently questioning if God even hears my prayers.

  • minimus

    I wonder how many of us non-prayers would suddenly pray if we were in fear of our lives.

  • blondie

    I had one of the biggest scares of my life watching my husband in the hospital bed wondering if he would be going home.

    I didn't pray. I figured God knew what we would say if we did pray.


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