Do You Ever Say Prayers At Mealtime Anymore?

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  • crownboy

    It's been so long since I've prayed on my own, that on the rare occasions I go to the bookstudy, I've got to dig deep into my memory bank to try to remember what it is I'm supposed to be praying for (since, I go so rarely, almost everytime I go to bookstudy I get called on to pray. For some BS conductors, such a sparce attendance record would be reason not to ask me to pray, but not for the guy at my BS apparently). Of course, I never ask for the GB to get a blessing or anything. Even asking a god I don't believe in for that is too much.

  • rocketman

    Okay, here's what happened - no lie - at dinner at home once: We were eating and watching TV, food on trays in the living room. We were watching Star Trek. I lowered the volume and began to Captain Kirk. I knew then that it was time to either 1) give up watching TV at dinner time or 2) give up prayer. I gave up prayer.

  • Francois

    Yeah: God is great, God is good, YAY GOD. Amen.


  • gitasatsangha


    There was nothing sacrilegeous about praying to Captain Kirk. From time to time Our Lord William Shatner manefests himself in such subtle guises as Captain Kirk, T.J. Hooker, Rescue 911 Host, and that poor Esperanto guy in that "Succubus" Movie. With the image of his divinity firmly in mind, you will be blest with fine eating, firm bowels, and war factor 9. Pity those who turning away from the Shatner, cast their prayers to lesser deities like Picard, Janeway, Archer, Pike, or even Sisko. alt

    Kirk Will Not Kill The Gornalt

  • shamus

    Kickass pictures, sistagangsta!

    I once saw a bumper sticker that said


    (these are not my views, ok?)

  • shamus
  • dmouse

    I said family prayers at mealtimes for a long time after I made it clear that I no longer believed in God. I think the point I was trying to make at the time was that anyone can say a prayer (even those superfine brothers at the meeting) and it doesn't mean a jot.

    Eventually I said my last prayer and now the family say theirs silently while I start eating (as quietly as I can).

  • Undecided

    If God is responsible for the food at the table, who is responsible when there is no food and the family is starving? Who would you thank then?

    Ken P.

  • ballistic

    No I don't, but if I was starving out in the desert or jungle somewhere and I found food that sustained my life, I might thank God.

  • blondie

    I believe in private prayers. Lately I have found it difficult to know what to say anyway. Should I thank God for letting me finally see the real light and stop attending/associating with JWs?


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