Can This be Verified?

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  • lastmanstanding

    Watchtower finally figured it out, that more than half the crap they print, goes straight into the trash... and at the hands of the faithful no less.

    Then there’s the PIMOs who take another chunk and pitch it. I know I do.

    There was a talk once and the congregation was told that reporting one’s literature placements faithfully each month was important because the literature servant uses this information when ordering more literature.

    Ha. At the time I was the literature servant. There has never been any information from slips given the literature servant. What lies.

    I once had a service meeting part, and this was the first time I ever got any of the data from slips, but it was for a part that had an outline. As requested, I demonstrated to the congregation that the stats demonstrate half, a full half, of what is taken from the counters never got placed.

    So much for watchtower boastings.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    They are definitely out of the printing business, Russell's brainchild to make a buck that increased profitability so much because he found a way to entrap his reader's through subtle means keep giving to him and his printing organization to save their lives from destruction at Armageddon crapola.

    Now nobody wants their shit in printed form except to grab some and throw it in the garbage. I'm sure any self respecting Librarian where they park their bull shit garbage has googled this nefarious mind control cult that abuses minor children needlessly or mainly to hide its destructive nature from the public's eye and is now paying out mega bucks in lawsuits. People going to libraries are going there to learn and not confronted with their stupid self promoting self absorbed bull shit with the answers to life's most difficult questions, by a bunch of loony toons cult leaders.

    And who in their right mind would want to read their after a quick internet search. I'm sure the police are being called on them in their door to door work and so I'm sure that too is on the skids.

    A little less than 36" cabinet seems about right for a tomb stone witness for their future in the distribution of printed material.

  • truth_b_known

    I remember being Magazine and Literature Servant. Always having to be at the Kingdom Hall early and then having to stay late because people chose to chit chat after the meeting and THEN wanted to pick up literature. I also remember managing the Literature counter so well that my congregation had no excess literature to include Bound Volumes. The appreciation shown to me by the body of elders was a stern talking to because, in spite of my exemplary number of hours reported in the ministry and magazines placed, my book placement was below the national average. If I was going to be the Literature Servant I need to be exemplary in book placement.

    What a beat down!

  • TheHistoryCritic

    I can confirm. We recently had our remodel and the literature counter was replaced with a small grab and go like the one pictured above.

  • Diogenesister
    Waton Wt eliminating MS positions.

    Not enough males so better reduce their workload

  • blondie

    I do wonder who is responsible for ordering the mags/pubs put in the cabinet? Are those printed out by the congregation then or eventually? What about jws without access or personal funds for a computer and printer and supplies (paper and ink)? If a person contacted from door to door (DTD) wants a copy of a publication they see on the pad, are they directed to the website to print their own copy? Does the publisher have to print one at their own expense if there are not any kept on hand at the KH?

    Since so many congregations do not have enough qualified men, so-called, available or reaching out to be MS, by eliminating those positions, how will they determine if brothers are qualified to be elders by observing the effort MS put into their jobs? Will MS be eliminated some time in the future like DOs were and district conventions changed to regional conventions?

    Wondering Blondie

  • BluesBrother

    "The department should be open 20 mins before and 20 mins after , "Bro".....was the rule

    In my day we had to take and balance the money for lit/ mags as well

  • FedUpJW

    They must still have a MS who stocks the thing. What do they now call him? The cabinet servant?

    Where I live they call them....sisters. Most of the men have pretty well told the eldumbs to stuff it, so now "sisters" run up and down the aisle with mics, stock the advertising kiosk, run the sound, pretty well everything except the "teaching" harangues b that the eldurrs still keep. Just had the circus oversneer go of shift on the congregation about men no longer being spiritual and chasing the appointment carrot.

  • FedUpJW

    What about jws without access or personal funds for a computer and printer and supplies (paper and ink)?

    JW thought process...Screw them. We don't need them!

  • careful


    My questions too. What FedUp relates cannot be the case everywhere (though I can certainly picture that!)...

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