Today's W.T when it mentioned Depression and Anxiety

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  • LongHairGal


    I have some of those qualities you mentioned except I'm only kindhearted in certain circumstances. When the users in the JW religion criticized me for working full time, I made sure I made myself scarce when they were looking for fools to do favors. I also saw what happened to other kindhearted people who DID favors!

    You can't be kindhearted and have the qualities you mentioned and survive in the JW religion. There would be nothing left but the bones.

    The JW religion is a sick place that shamelessly exploits people - if you let them.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Thanks LHG, you are so right ! One of me former JW acquaintances ( I would say friend buy since I'm no longer JW I'll let you figure it out ) lost his first born son on account of this very thing. The little kid was an off the wall hyperactive, as mental health issues are rampant in that family. Anyhow at 19 years old the kid took a long walk on an unlit portion of the Laurentian highway north of St-Jérome Qc. and got hit twice for good measure. D.O.A. All this on account of the constant guilt tripping of not being good enough and not getting needed attention at home. Typical divorced and re-constituited JW happiest people on earth parenting situation. Most irresponsible adults I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.

    I used to get grief for working at my business, once even got called out in front of the Saturday morning book study group for passing up in field serve us to go back in Saturday afternoon and get my papers in order. Told our incompetent conductor to his face in front of everyone that I like to pay my bills ! Twas the beginning on the end for this convert here..

    PS : I have a saved off of FB picture of the above boy and younger sister when they were 6 and 8. Breaks my heart to look at it still. I would post it but don't need the backlash as I could be identified, and we all know how JW's love litigation $$

  • LongHairGal


    I'm glad you told off the JW who had the audacity to make that remark about you and your job. I hope these people can pay their bills because I'd never give money to any of them.

    I wasn't born-in but joined in my 20s. I was working to support myself and was criticized by older people who had a cushy life. Either a worldly man supported them OR they already earned their pension. I'm glad I ignored these hypocrites.

    I am sorry about the sad story you related about that young person. My heart goes out to alot of these JW children.

  • Unstuck

    Commenting on the opening post - this goes to the heart of the JW culture. They are incredibly ignorant and simple-minded - such lack of understanding that it is infuriating!

    Having a mother with bi-polar and a father with depression I know all too well that control has very very little to do with it.

    Last week, I had a similar conversation with a very-in witness elder. We were talking about mental health illnesses. He raised multiple personality disorder and told me about a witness in his congregation a few years ago who "claimed" (his words) to have multiple personality disorder. From the behaviour he described it seemed pretty clear to me that she did indeed suffer from multiple personality disorder and I expressed sympathy for her struggle with this particular illness.

    But not this elder. He sighed as we talked and then said to me: "Of course, we know that there is only one personality - the new personality."

    Somehow, I managed to keep myself calm - but I told him that that was an incredibly simplistic, ignorant and narrow-minded view if he thought that mental illness could be cured by a bunch of qualities listed in the Bible. I told him that his comment revealed a gross lack of understanding of the complexity of mental health issues and I hoped that he didn't say such things to members of his flock. I then zipped my mouth for the sake of the other individual present and the elder, at least, showed a modicum of wisdom by not saying anything further.

    But the episode proved to me, again, how truly ignorant, uneducated and deliberately unaware JWs are - and yes, that's how I was too, I'm ashamed to say, but not anymore. And these elders have the emotional well being of so many others in their hands and yet say such truly idiotic things. I could just imagine him saying that to one his elder buddies and them nodding and sighing in agreement - truly frightening and angering.

    Heartfelt apologies if my sharing this incident is a trigger to anyone.......

    Love, light and hugs to all,


  • Pistoff

    The congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses is a dangerous place to live, and it's even more dangerous to raise a family there.

    The OP shows what completely wrong and damaging things you can hear, but that is only the beginning.

    What happens in judicial committees is even worse.

    My adult children are still recovering.

    Me, I am still angry, and I'm not anxious to get over the anger, it keeps me focused on why I don't go.

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