Can a Person Resign From Being One of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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  • pale.emperor

    I'd love to see them tell the truth just once:

  • Sanchy

    Unshackle, this loophole and others do exist, but it seems to me that only ex-elders would be able to take advantage of them, since only they (in theory) would know what the elder book says or doesn't say.

    If someone that was never an elder were to start using quotes from the elder book, I suspect they'd still find reasons to charge said person with other sins such as "brazen conduct" mentioned by Stephan in his comment above.

    I myself, as an ex-elder, took advantage of the "must admonish once and twice BEFORE setting up a JC" loophole to get my judicial committee cancelled. You can find the LINK HERE.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Hi Sanchy,

    Thanks ever so much for your own experience. This proves beyond any doubt that you can use their very own policies against them. It's just about being smart as to how to go about it.

    Yes, Ex elders are in a better position as they can highlight paragraphs from the elders manual. But there are ways for the rank and file to draw the elders attention to their very own policies by simply acting dumb about things, yet remaining humble by agreeing with their BS. Its about being smart and keeping one step ahead of the elders. An individual can also highlight how much the emotional impact is having on their health by not being able to see their grand children etc, but that they would do their best ......yadayada.

    If as the policy says, the person still associates with the df'd relative after this, there is nothing more can be done, apart from losing privileges.

    My guess is they have this loop hole as someone highlighted for legal reasons ie not been dragged to court over it thus giving the organisation bad publicity.

    People everywhere need to know this loop hole. Many People are suffering unnecessarily.

    Knowledge is power, and you have proven this Sanchy

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