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  • SheilaM

    Beryl: I'm a winter too. I think black is nice on others but my Mother in law wore it to show how much she hated me LOL SHE looked the fool I love the peral choker I also have a black one that would rock with either black dress. It is costume jewlery but I get so many compliments you might look for one.

    Can't wait until you post a pic of what you were

  • LyinEyes

    I just saw this thread and I will give ya my opinions. Dont wear white at all that is for the bride,,,,,,,,of course , and that pink wrinkled shiney dress no way. Did you mention if the wedding is day or night?

    If it is at night the dark navy would be ok, but I kind of steer away from Black for a wedding.

    My favorite is the blue, looks a little periwinkle blue or lavender maybe not sure. I love the simple classic cut of this one. I think there was also a hot pink one that looked very classy in the tailoring , if worn at an evening wedding this would be real pretty. Personally I dont like strapless dresses for weddings, baptisms, etc, Plus if you are small chested you may be pulling on it all day or self conscious that it may fall down. You want to feel comfortable.

    I love the red, but for a wedding, probably not. I you know what time of day it is , what others are wearing, the bridesmaids colors, could be red,,,,, I have seen alot of weddings on tv where the bridesmaids have on very classy darker colors and red.

    I would stick to a safe color like Navy, that blue dress, or some kind of Champagne pink maybe.

    Diamond or pearl stud earrings, and a small strand of pearls , or a single small diamond necklace , would look great, not over done .

    Have FUN.

  • LyinEyes

    Looking back over the dresses,,,,,,,,, I would most definatly say #5 the light blue,,,,,,,,but god the black dresses are gorgeous,,,,,,,,,,,you might could get away with it if it is a night wedding. Also further up north traditions are not like they are down here in the deep south,,,,,,,you may ask someone at a bridal shop about wearing black to a wedding if it is at night,,,,,,,it might be that you can.

    Also , since these dresses are are thin straps, you might want to get a matching shawl, or drape for it, that would also make it even more formal, then you can take it off later,,,,,,good idea if you get cold easy.

  • Vivamus

    With how you described yourself, I Love #2

  • Francois

    The black one with the lace top and wear the most see-through nothing black bra you can find. It ain't what you're showing that counts; it's what men think you're showing that drive's 'em wild. Not that I think that's what you're up to, but why not? Roll the dice and see what comes up.

    BTW, were you just kidding in that other thread when you said that people say "you're multiple"?


  • Brummie

    erm, I dont remember inviting you to my wedding beryl...gee you can be so pushy at times.


  • Surreptitious

    Hi Beryl,

    DJ's comments are spot on. (DJ I like your style!)

    The choice is between No. 5 or No. 9. If you want to make it easy though, the choice is No. 5 without a doubt.

    Ultimately though it would be nice to see you take a twirl in both since the fit is pretty important. :)

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