Emergency COVID Ration Spam Fritters

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  • LV101

    My beloved Grandfather loved spam - I still recall those "tin" cans and they had their own fresh butchered beef/poultry and meat locker. He loved spam heated in a frying pan. Meat section in stores shaky here but the independent butcher shop had plenty but long wait in line. I'm stocking up on my fave hand sanitizers if it's ever available! I'm tired of the weird ones. I love the Walgreens'/Walmart brand.

    You've jogged my memory - I was checking out chest freezers few mos ago and quite a long-wait list. I called the appliance store and asked about 'deep freezer' and he didn't know what I was referring to - they were called that yrs ago in the wild west. Sure takes a lot of space to stock pile all this stuff.

  • RubaDub

    Simon, why did you have to bring up Spam???

    Believe it or not, on Sunday morning I went to our largest food store chain here in Florida, Publix, and there was not a single can of Spam. The shelves had the labels on them (Original, Low Salt, Low Fat ... blah blah blah) but no actual Spam. The shelf space was totally empty. I don't know why. I was just thinking they make it in some "locked-down" place or something and they are not shipping.

    I bought a can of corned beef hash instead. I took it home and then mixed in a half cooked egg. I like that too.

    My wife will not eat, as she calls them, "mystery meats", but she had her granola stuff while I increased my cholesterol level by 10%.

    At least it tasted really good. When I go shopping later (beer is getting low in the refrigerator) I will see if they have a new supply of Spam.

  • Simon

    If you can't get real SPAM, I think there is a cheaper alternative called KLIK

    But Costco usually has SPAM, the only time I didn't see a palette of it was the week the COVID panic buying started. Up until then, I'm pretty sure it was a same palette that had been there for years.

  • redvip2000

    Spam is good emergency food for protein. I would not make a habit of incorporating it on my diet otherwise.

    I have built a shef unit in my basement where I've started to stockpile things that have shelf live, mostly canned food, but I actually don't have spam. I have tuna, salmon, sardines, beans, corn, and several other things. But I will probably also buy some spam and keep several around.

    It's only a matter of time until the next event happens and this is the time to stock up on things while they are available. I have thought of buying a dehydrator to store some fruits and vegetables as well.

  • Simon

    Don't forget to cycle through your stock - you don't want to just set aside tins for emergency and leave them there for 5-10 years, you want to have a store than you gradually eat through while replenishing so it doesn't go off.

    That's where SPAM comes in - it doesn't have a shelf-life, it has a half-life.

  • LauraV

    There are some videos on YouTube of people opening up and eating canned foods from the 1950's and 1960's, check them out.

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