Anybody ever try the Atkins Diet?

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  • LyinEyes

    I have been on the Atkins diet for 4 days now, the longest I have ever stayed on it,,,,,,,,,usually I give up craving sugar so much, or a coca cola classic. I am not really hungry at all, and have to make myself eat because I have been having headaches.

    I have read the book and I know if I can make it thru Hell week,,,,,,,,going off sugar, it should be easier. I really feel pretty yuky right now, but I also had a little head cold. THe headaches are not bad, just irritating and I imagine some kind of withdrawal from the sugar. I can already tell, I am not as bloated feeling. It is too early to know for sure how this will work, if I will stay on it. I am giving it my best shot,,,,,,,,,if you want encouragement you can go to the Atkins web site for stories and recipes.

  • Sirona

    A recent programme showed that Atkins reduces muscle mass rather than reducing body fat. It starts by making you lose water though.

    I did atkins to the letter and lost 11lbs - but I was running to the loo, then constipated.... and it makes you stink. Its nearly impossible to live on Atkins long term so when you start eating more carbs you WILL put weight back on. I gained all mine back, and more. I've now lost it again but by eating normally and healthily.

    If you are on it long term, you have to get LOTS of water and take supplements or you will get ill. In my opinion, you might as well just eat normally and healthily so you know you are getting your vitamins, etc.


  • mattnoel

    I was going to try it but never got around to it. I was in the Police at the time and I remember one girl doing it and having to change her uniform for smaller sizes twice in quick sucession. I did the same but it was purley due to stress.

    I was told by my Inspector though that she did not agree with it as someone she knew had done it and ended up in hospital.

  • Francois

    I tried it one time and could only stay on it about ten days. And I thought I liked meat. And I do, but not that much. And I didn't realize I liked carbs as much as I do, but I do. I would have killed for a baked potato with butter and sour cream. So after ten days of pure torture, I quit.

    The best diet I've ever been on was the low-fat diet. On it you can eat anything you want, the catch is that you cannot eat more than 30 grams of fat per day. I lost twenty-five pounds on it in about two months. But you'd be really surprised how fast you can get to 30 grams of fat. ONE thick pat of butter is OVER 30 grams of fat. And I could live on peanut butter, but peanut butter is almost as fatty as cow butter. When I was on that diet, I swear I ate every waking moment. I don't remember eating so much in my life. Remember how when you go to a Chinese restuarant how you're hungry an hour later? That's cause there's so little fat in Chinese cooking. Same with this diet. I ate from morning till bedtime, but it was all no-fat stuff like raw veggies, skim milk, rice cookies (like eating fried air) and stuff like that. Plus I exercised really hard three times a week for 30 minutes at a time.

    You can get a fat counter book at Barnes & Noble. The weight will indeed come off and the diet is not dangerous in any way. Just get ready to work your jaws. Bagels and seedless grapes are good. Don't buy any of that no-fat cream cheese. It tastes just like spackle. And I used some of it as spackle, too.


  • beckyboop

    Although I haven't tried the Atkins Diet, I have to mention something to those of you who may try it. If you are blood type A, you can potentially severely damage yourself. From the research I have read, blood type A's should be vegetarian (due to ancestor diets and the lectins in the meat). I personally know about 10 people who were blood type A and have ALL had their gall bladder removed already--because they were meat eaters.

    I personally would not advocate anyone going on a diet that excludes fruit and vegetables over fatty meats. I wholeheartedly agree with the diet in one aspect though--the avoidance of carbs when possible. Our diets have way too many wheat products in them, and they simply bind us up. The more I read about eating according to your blood type, the more it has made sense and has proven true as I meet people and hear about health ailments/surgeries/diseases/allergies etc.


  • Mulan

    Try weight watchers!!!!!!! You can eat anything you want to eat, as long as you don't go over your points for the day. So easy!

    I started two weeks ago, and wonder why I ever stopped doing it.

    The more I read about eating according to your blood type, the more it has made sense and has proven true as I meet people and hear about health ailments/surgeries/diseases/allergies etc.
    I have read that book, and am a Type O. Nothing seems to describe me in the book. It's an interesting philosophy though.
  • Blueblades

    Two weeks ,didn't like it ,no coffee,lost 14 pounds,maybe 5 was water! Stopped it ,went back to coffee and old eating habits,gained the weight back,ugh! Lost it again by watching what I eat,no drastics diets anymore for me.Its a lifetime battle of sensible eating and exercise,no quick way.


  • BadJerry

    i've been doing Atkins for 3 months and have lost 16 pounds, Jerry lost 15 in 2 months. I like it! I seldom feel hungry and have reworked recipes so they are low carb. Gosh I use to love chocolate, non stop, now I have no craving for it. If I want something sweet I have the low carb bars on hand. Atkins and Carb Solutions. Constipated? NO, drink your water. You can take a stronger dose of vit C which could also help.

    I bought a bread machine and have made the ATkins bread in the box with it. We like the recipe for bread found at this site , ( Gabis World Famous Bread). I also order their tortillas on line ( from Atkins) getting a bunch at a time and freezing them.

    In his book, there have been people who safely are on induction 6 months or more, if you lose fast, go ahead and have a pasta meal now and then, there are low carb pasta's that can be found at any health food store. But keep in mind that it takes about 3 days for your body to return to a fat burning mode.

    Induction doesn't last forever and you can incorporate the fruits and higher glycemic veggies into it later on, you can always cut back if the weight goes up. It's amazing at how many carbs I had ever been eating and how it just stored as fat.Also with any diet Write down what you eat and add up the carbs. Good Luck!

    from IMANALIENTO logging on to hubby's ID

  • bittersweet

    I am on medicine for an underactive thyroid, and I also have high BP that I take medicine for. I never had a blood pressure problem before when I was thinner. I have found Weight Watchers to be great, but lately even that has been slow working ( when you only loose a pound a month it gets a bit discouraging ). Anyway, I was at my endocrinologist the other day, she told me to look into the Akins diet. She said sometimes it works for people with slow metabolisms. I haven't actually read the book yet, but it's great to hear how it's affected other people. I was rather weary of it ( I love my carbs!! ), but I may take a look at it now.

  • caligirl

    My husband tried it - and even as a meat lover found it hard to stick to ( he has an aversion to just about everything vegetable in nature so it seemed like a good idea). I tried briefly, in support of him, and made it only a few days. I like my fruits, veggies & carbs too much! I lost 30 lbs just by switching around the balance of what I ate: eating the most of fruits & veggies, with carbs & protein making up the lesser portions rather than having carbs or protein make up the larger portions. Not saying that would work for anyone else, but it did for me.

    Lyin eyes, just a thought: if you drink a lot of soda normally, you may actually be having caffeine withdrawl symptoms. If the headache gets too bad, try a cup of coffee or something else high in caffeine. Just speaking from several experiences of going cold turkey on caffeine and discovering after a few bad headaches that it is better to cut down slowly.

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