44 years old and having I.V.F help to have a baby thanks too bastard "this Generation" lies!! Wife wants kids in 2016! My story.

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  • Scully

    The WTS has been "crying wolf" for such a long time. Its impact on young couples who made the decision to remain childless in This Old System Of Things™ goes back many, many decades.

    Now that the WTS is giving elderly couples the toss at Bethel, who, indeed, is going to take care of them now?

    If IVF is beyond your means, and puts your wife's health at risk unnecessarily, would you consider adoption?

  • Scully

    Oh, and if you *do* decide on using IVF and are still JWs in good standing, please keep in mind that it is not necessary to tell anyone at the KH that you are using IVF, considering that it's a Disfellowshipping Offence™ <eyeroll>.

    It's nobody else's business how you and your Mrs. became pregnant.

    PS: The most elderly couple/first time parents I looked after on the mother-baby unit - she was late 50s, he was in his 70s.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Thanks for the support. I want to support my wife fully though the stats say 44 year olds have 10 % chance of live birth so I know the deal. Doc seemed to be a "used car salesman" dont like him. I'm sorry we fell into this position. Money wise we are good though.

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